How does ginger affect potency in men?

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How does ginger affect potency in men?

This unsightly-looking plant has gained popularity due to the content of a mass of valuable elements. Nature took care of men, giving them many healing agents that will relieve them of difficulties in their personal life.

Among them is ginger for the potency of men, recipes for drugs from it are used by traditional healers to improve their well-being, help to restore self-confidence to men who systematically used a natural remedy.

Productivity of Ginger Root for Men’s Health

The problem of men’s health is delicate. You need to protect it from childhood, and in case of a problem with potency, you should consult a doctor. Ginger root is both a preventive product and, in combination, is an additive to medical therapy prescribed by a doctor.

Ginger is the only aphrodisiac that appears in the most ancient monuments: the Koran, Ayurveda, the Kamasutra love treatise. The popular name for a plant with an exotic pungent taste is horned root. Discovers a holistic effect on the entire body and finds application in the treatment of many problems:

  • pulmonary;
  • cardiological;
  • endocrinological;
  • urological;
  • gastroenterological;
  • impotence.

Over the centuries, traditional healers have created a lot of recipes containing ginger root to increase potency in different forms:

  • in kind;
  • in dried;
  • in pickled;
  • in the form of tinctures and additives.

Traditionally, it is taken to enhance the sexual performance of men. The name of the plant is translated from one of the Chinese dialects as “masculinity”.

  • One of the most important properties of the horned root is the ability to dilate blood vessels, this has a fruitful effect on blood flow to the male genital organ. This quality prevents prostatitis and other male health problems, promotes support for potency and the entire cardiovascular system.

Forget Viagra! Just chew the ginger root!

  • Its systematic use increases the content of testosterone, enhances sexual activity. The constituent trace elements stimulate the production of androgens, which are responsible for the characteristics of sperm.
  • Thanks to vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants, metabolism is improved and blood flow in the prostate is accelerated.

Attention! By stimulating blood circulation, ginger increases both potency in men and attraction in women. This makes the spice a valuable addition to a romantic date.

An important feature is a significant invigorating, strengthening and antiseptic effect on the entire body, preventing seasonal colds.

Vitamins and minerals in ginger

The ginger root is characterized by a complex chemical structure. It contains about 4 hundred components:

  • carbohydrates;
  • proteins;
  • vitamins (S.A, groups B, E, K, PP);
  • minerals (chromium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, selenium);
  • fatty acids Omega-3 and 6;
  • essential oils (gingerol, citral, camphene, bisabolene);
  • amino acids (threonine, valine, phenylanine, tryptophan, methionine);
  • dietary fiber (fiber).

The value of these amino acids is that they are not formed in the body, therefore they must be taken with food.

  • The pungency of taste depends on the phenol-like component – the resinous substance of gingerol, which has vasodilating properties that have a positive effect on blood flow to the male genital organ.
  • The specific smell is due to cingiberen.
  • The herbal remedy has an antitumor effect: thanks to shogaol and gingerol, the growth of carcinogenic cells in a prostate tumor is inhibited without damaging healthy tissues.
  • Cineole, gingerol and citral contained in the seasoning have a disinfecting effect on the entire male body, including the genital area.

The table shows the spheres of influence of the individual components:

Trace elementWhat affects
ZincTakes part in the formation of blood cells, the formation of sex hormones, protein synthesis, strengthening immunity, detoxification.A basic element for trap potency problems.
MagnesiumIt is necessary in the process of exchange, coordinates nervous and muscular activity, muscular excitement, activates the reaction.
ChromiumHelps get rid of toxins and other harmful substances, regulates the work of the heart and vascular system;For potency, it is valuable for improving blood circulation in the pelvic region.
PhosphorusPlays an essential role in the work of the brain, heart muscle, muscle tissue;In combination with other elements, it participates in the formation of testosterone.
IronEnergy production, reactions and fermentation, immune defense, cholesterol metabolism.
SeleniumIt is the main constituent of the enzyme that protects the body from harmful substances arising from the decomposition of toxoids, increases immunity, increases the lifespan;Indispensable for good potency.

 Doctors advise to systematically supplement dishes with ginger root to increase potency, and so that vitamins and other components of the seasoning accumulate in the body. Only in this case, the result will be noticeable. A single use will not give an obvious result.

Types of processing of ginger root

There are two types of ginger – white and black.

  • The herbal remedy should be selected even, compact, fresh, of sufficient length.
  • The skin should be soft and peel off easily.
  • You need to clean it carefully, cutting off a thin layer: right below it contains the main reserve of nutrients.
  • It is most convenient to process the spice with a fine grater.
  • The second cleaning method is boiling water treatment.

In all cases, the herbal remedy must be allowed to dry in the sun, after which the root loses a fourth of its mass.

For long-term storage, they are processed in different ways:

  • brewing;
  • pickling;
  • freezing;
  • drying;
  • preparation of tinctures;
  • making ginger oil;
  • preparation of mixtures.
  1. Fresh ginger root is kept in the refrigerator for a week.
  2. Dried ginger remains healthy for four months.
  3. Store unrefined spice in a cool, dark place.
  4. For long-term storage of the seasoning, fresh unpeeled it is placed in a freezer in cling film.
  5. It is absolutely not necessary to re-freeze the product if it has already been thawed once. It is better to immediately separate the required volume of the product, and put the remaining fragment back into the freezer.

Methods for preparing semi-finished ginger products

Flavoring seasoning to add to drinksTo prepare a spice, to brew ginger for potency or to prepare a sauce, it is recommended to chop the peeled ginger into thin plates, pour it over with grape wine and place it in the refrigerator, where it will be stored for several weeks.You can also extend the shelf life of the spice by filling a container with pieces of crushed root with vodka or alcohol and keeping it in the dark for 14 days. The tincture can be diluted with tea, other drinks, added to the baking dough. Do not throw away the remains of the used product, they are also added to the dishes.
CandyingThe ginger root is chopped into thin slices and boiled for 10 minutes in sugar syrup prepared in a 1 to 1 ratio.In this form, the spice is stored in the refrigerator for a month.
Ginger pasteIt is rational to store the product in the form of a paste from a peeled and chopped seasoning, which is then sealed in a plastic bag in the form of a plate and placed in the freezer, if necessary, simply separate a slice of the desired size.
JuiceThe grated root can be squeezed out to obtain ginger juice. Usually they are seasoned with salads or desserts, and when mixing juice with vodka or alcohol, the shelf life increases to several years.
DryingUsually, ginger is pre-soaked for drying. It should be borne in mind that its pungency is much greater than that of fresh.In the case of replacing a fresh product with a dried one, when the dosage is indicated in the recipe in the amount of 1 tablespoon, you must take 1 teaspoon of powder.Dried ginger retains all its qualities after 6 months with proper storage: in a hermetically sealed container at a temperature not exceeding 12 degrees, so that third-party aromas are not absorbed.


All ginger potency enhancers are effective. However, you need to use one thing.

  • For daily intake, choose one prescription.
  • Stick to a strict dosage so as not to harm instead of benefit.

The maximum permissible daily dose is no more than 15 g of fresh product and no more than 3 g of dry powder. Do not add more than 2 teaspoons of the grated product to any dishes throughout the day.

In the old days, to preserve the ginger root and its subsequent use, the spice was dried and used to increase vigor and tone. Subsequent observations showed that men who used the spice in adulthood restored and even increased their potency. This is how the first way to increase male strength with ginger root powder, taken 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach, appeared. The bitterness of ginger can be sweetened with honey.

Ginger tea

There are several traditional methods of making tea.

The first way

  1. The drink is prepared from a fresh root, from which a two-centimeter fragment is separated,
  2. grind it on a grater or blender,
  3. brew 200 ml of boiling water in a thermos for 10 minutes, add sugar, lemon, cinnamon or honey if desired.

Second recipe

  • brew peeled and crumbled ginger root for a quarter of an hour, tea will help both to increase potency and to raise the general tone.

Both types of drink are taken in a glass after a meal.

Rosehip and lemon drink

  1. To make tea for one and a half liters of water, you will need a 5-centimeter ginger root, cut into thin slices, and 2 handfuls of fresh crushed or crushed dry rose hips.
  2. The mixture of ingredients is poured into a thermos with boiling water or boiled in a bowl on the stove and wrapped in a towel.
  3. Insist from 2 to 3 hours, then strain. You can add honey, lemon and other seasonings.


The men’s favorite recipe is ginger extract, made according to the traditional classical technology.

  • It is distinguished by the absence of the taste of alcohol, it is characterized by a long-lasting sensation of ginger taste and aroma. Warms up and increases appetite.
  • To prepare for 1 liter of alcohol (any strong alcoholic drink), take from 40 to 50 g of spices ground in a meat grinder, 100 g of honey.
  • Insist 2 weeks at room temperature in the dark.
  • If you want a more concentrated drink, use up to 75 g of the spice.

The pungent taste is usually softened with honey. It is recommended to filter before use. Poured into a hermetically sealed container, the drink can be stored for up to 2 years.

Pickled ginger root

Gari – Japanese food recipe:

  1. 170 g of thinly sliced ​​seasoning is seasoned with pre-boiled marinade, consisting of a quarter cup of rice vinegar mixed with 2 tsp. salt and 3 tbsp. Sahara.
  2. The dish will be ready after 6 hours.

A more complex, authentic Japanese ginger recipe requires rice wine and sake. A properly prepared marinated product can be stored in the refrigerator in a glass or ceramic container for 3 to 4 months.

Nettle recipe

  1. Prepared from 500 ml of grape wine and 20 g of dioecious nettle seeds with the addition of ginger root to taste.
  2. All connected components are kept at room temperature without access to light.
  3. The filtered product is taken on tablespoons. three times a day.

Baths with ginger

  1. The unpeeled root crushed on a grater is poured into 1 liter of boiling water and simmered over low heat for a quarter of an hour.
  2. The broth is poured into a filled bath at a comfortable temperature. You can add a few drops of essential oils.
  3. The time for receiving the procedure is no more than 20 minutes.
  4. Do not rinse nutrients from your body. For greater effect, it is advised to drink ginger tea.
  5. You can add soda or sea salt to ginger baths.

Ginger mix

Honey with ginger and lemon

  • 300 g minced ginger, a large lemon and a few tablespoons. honey. The mixed components are insisted in a cold place for a day.

To feel confident, taking 1 tsp is enough. cocktail half an hour before a romantic meeting.

  • Ginger with honey is even easier to cook: the components are mixed and kept for 7 days in the refrigerator for better soaking. Drink with warm tea.

Pharmacy preparations from ginger

Official pharmacology does not neglect a useful herbal remedy. The pharmacy also sells medications based on ginger.

Their composition and price can be found in the table:

NameCompositionApproximate cost
Parity enhanced formulaHorny Goat Weed, Euricoma, Ginger extractfrom 500 rubles
Ginger tea in filter bags 20 pcs.white willow bark, ginger, linden blossom, lemon balm, thyme, wild roseRUB 162
Ginger sticks in sugargingerRUB 214.10
Essential oilsginger oil200-250 rub
Green tea with gingerfilter bags133 rbl.
Ginger – a warming drink with ginger and lemonsachet bags192 RUB


There are few restrictions on the use of ginger root, however, due to the high activity of the drug, they exist, and they should not be ignored. Do not recommend taking:

  • with heart disease and hypertension;
  • with pathology of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • in case of kidney stones;
  • with individual susceptibility;
  • at elevated temperatures and inflammatory processes.

General practitioners recommend starting the herbal preparation at the lowest dose. An unprepared body can react to the maximum dosage with nausea, headache, complications of the gastrointestinal tract, allergies. It is strictly forbidden to use ginger for bleeding and at the same time as taking aspirin.  


Official medicine has proven that ginger has a positive effect on potency and prevents erectile problems. The vitamins, healing substances and essential oils contained in the spice have been proven to increase male strength.

Regardless of the reasons for taking ginger, before starting to use folk recipes, you must consult with your doctor and confirm the absence of chronic diseases.

The exact implementation of the dosage will crown the treatment with an obvious result that will be noticeable after a while.

Friends, if you know interesting and useful recipes for increasing potency with ginger, write to us in the comments, and we will include them in our collection!

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