The most effective exercises for potency

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The most effective exercises for potency

There are few men who would not be concerned with maintaining masculine strength for years to come. The sex instinct is one of the most powerful self-esteem instincts. However, he is very vulnerable. 

Exercises to increase potency should be considered as a way of preventing and correcting small temporary psychogenic disorders. Erectile dysfunction in men can cause:    

  • improper nutrition;
  • unfavorable ecology;
  • chronic stress;
  • sedentary lifestyle, smoking;
  • drinking alcohol and even seemingly harmless beer.

Regardless of age, sexual failure can happen to any man.

The cause of erectile dysfunction is hormonal disorders, genital tract infections leading to prostatitis, in men over the age of fifty – prostate adenoma, resulting in prostatectomy, in the elderly – vascular problems, atherosclerosis. Serious causes require serious treatment. 

What are the benefits of exercise 

Men, after the first episodes of erectile dysfunction, rush to the pharmacy to buy a remedy that radically eliminates the problem. Taking a pill is easier than regularly exercising. The effect of a tablet or spray is immediate.

The downside is that all medicines have many contraindications and side effects that negatively affect health. This is also a blow to the budget – they are all expensive.

Among men who care about maintaining potency at a good level, there are adherents of taking natural vitamin and mineral complexes. This is really great, but there are also pitfalls here:

  • you need to buy dietary supplements only from well-known manufacturers in special departments of stores or pharmacies;
  • you cannot order dietary supplements via the Internet or by phone, no matter how super-duper advertised it is. Buying powder from a dried member of a donkey, cooked in unsanitary conditions, by no means for a symbolic payment, you yourself risk being in the place of this animal devoid of a genital organ.

Through this lens of negativity, look at the benefits of exercise complexes for maintaining and increasing male sexual activity:

  • the costs are minimal, since you can do it both in the gym and at home;
  • the systematic implementation of male exercises will lead to an improvement in erection, strengthening the body as a whole;
  • physical activity compensates for the consequences of sedentary work;
  • there are no age restrictions, you can always pick up physical complexes for both young and old men.

Influence on potency

Improving blood circulation in the small pelvis

  • Having received an impulse from the enacted libido, the cavernous bodies of the penis are filled with blood.
  • The sciatic-cavernous muscles contract, blocking the outflow of blood from the veins.

This condition is an erection. Classes increase blood flow and blood microcirculation in the pelvic area, due to this, normal filling of the cavernous bodies, lengthening and thickening of the penis is achieved.

Why can blood flow decrease under normal conditions? There are many reasons, and the most common of them are:

  • alcohol and smoking, and, consequently, vasospasm;
  • sedentary work;
  • passion for fast foods that negatively affect the vascular wall;
  • there are also picnics in nature – beer, vodka, pork kebab;
  • cars – remember: “Our people do not go to the bakery by taxi!” Now they go always and everywhere.

Nobody calls to completely abandon the benefits of civilization and other small joys of life. Exercise can help minimize harm by normalizing blood circulation.

Strengthening the pubococcygeal muscle

Anyone who owns the secret of relaxation and tension of the pubococcygeal muscle, knows the secret of love and a bright orgasm. This muscle connects the lower end of the coccyx and the inner region of the pubic articulation.  

It plays an important role during orgasm by providing rhythmic contractions.

Well-trained pubococcygeal muscle:

  • eliminates stagnation in the small pelvis, which means it prevents stagnant prostatitis; 
  • will improve the work of the testicles and hormones;
  • will increase potency;
  • will improve the quality of orgasm;
  • prevent premature ejaculation.

How to do the complex correctly

What is great about muscle training exercises is that some of them can be done anytime, anywhere – at work, at home, on public transport.

The main complex includes only 2 exercises

NameHow to do
Stop the jetDuring the act of urination, it is necessary to stop it 2-3 times, straining the pubic-coccygeal muscle. This can be done whenever you visit the toilet.
Muscle tensionUp to 3 sets of 10 squeezes are done.

 Additional complex

aimed at increasing potency in men

  1. Hold the tension, change it to relaxation. It is important that the time of these two actions is the same: 3 seconds of tension, 3 seconds of relaxation.
  2. High-speed voltages. Rapid alternation of contractions and relaxations up to 20 times. 3 sets.
  3. Lifting weights. Hang a towel on the erect penis and try to make more lifting with a bouncing motion. The load can be increased by wetting the towel.

Recommendations for implementation:

  • the strength of the stress is more important than the amount of stress;
  • the muscle contracts separately from other muscle groups;
  • a bunch of respiratory rhythm with muscle work – tension (inhalation), relaxation (exhalation), or vice versa;
  • occupation mode;
  • regularity – at least 2 times a day.

The condition for the rest of the techniques is the choice of adequate physical activity: after classes, you should feel tone, buzz, and not weakness and fatigue. At the next lesson, it is recommended to increase the load no more than 10% of the previous one.

The best exercises to restore and increase potency

There are both separate exercises to improve potency, and special complexes, which instructors are instructed to teach in gyms. The execution technique can be studied step by step in video tutorials.

Let’s start with the individual exercises that allow you to raise the potency in home conditions in men.     

Higher legs

  1. Active walking in place with high knees.
  2. You can even help with your hands, pressing your knees to your stomach.
  3. The load increases gradually from 30 to 50 knee lifts.


Effectively increases libido.

  1. Stand straight, arms at your sides, body relaxed, look forward.
  2. Inhale in the lower abdomen, hold your breath and, while inhaling, squeeze the muscles of the anus for 3-4 seconds, then relax as much as possible, accompanying it with exhalation.
  3. After restoring breathing, repeat 5-6 times.

Hold the ball

  1. While straining the muscles of the lower extremities, you need to hold a medium-sized ball between your knees.
  2. Perform lying on your back, legs bent at the knee and hip joints.

Rotation by the pelvis

  1. Circular movements of the pelvis in Jedi yoga are called the “dance of the winner”.
  2. Rotation of the pelvis in different planes causes an increase in potency and can contribute to a variety of frictions during intercourse, which will certainly surprise and delight your woman.

Walking on the buttocks

This exercise for potency is both Jedi Yoga and traditional healing methods.

  1. Sit on the floor, legs extended forward, arms too, you can put them on your belt.
  2. Go forward, contracting the muscles of the buttocks and legs, walking 2 meters, go back in the same way.


The familiar exercise Cycle can enhance erectile function by increasing blood flow in the pelvic area.

  1. You choose the rhythm for yourself.
  2. Follow the panting movement while performing the leg rotation.
  3. The bicycle strengthens the abdominal muscles, it is an effective treatment method for impaired peristalsis and a tendency to constipation.


  1. Support lying on hands straight or slightly bent.
  2. Alternately pull your knees to your stomach.
  3. 10 times in 3 approaches disperse the blood in the groin areas, small pelvis, and lower extremities. The frog is included in martial arts warm-up gymnastics.


  1. Lie on your back, arms along your torso or in a lock behind your head.
  2. Raise straight legs, spread as much as possible, making them cross.
  3. The movements of the legs mimic the work of scissors. Exercise strengthens the abs, removes excess fat from the abdomen, restores hormones.


It has long been known that the most attractive place for women in a male figure is the buttocks. A pumped up elastic ass is a good sign that the erectile function of its owner will be at its best .  

The inclusion of squats in the morning gymnastic complex will have a positive effect on the potency of a man. Chinese scientists believe that if you squat regularly, gradually increase the number of squats, combine them with massage of active points and abdominal breathing, you can get rid of 100 diseases and live up to 100 years. Efficiency is explained by the restoration of the flow of vital energy qi.

The correct squat is performed as follows.

  • Feet shoulder width apart, toes slightly to the sides.
  • On exhalation, squat down to the maximum possible lowering of the fifth point 15-20 times.

We hold the stone

  1. The stone is imaginary, and it is necessary to hold it by contraction of the gluteal muscles in a standing position with bent knees.
  2. It is useful for increasing potency, strengthening the muscles of the anus. At the same time, a gentle massage of the prostate takes place.

Exercises on all fours

You can relieve the accumulated fatigue and stress like this:

  1. From the “on all fours” position, resting your knees and palms on the mat, your feet are extended backward, as you exhale, slowly lower your buttocks back and down, sitting on your feet.
  2. Stretch your arms forward, stretching your body behind them.


Only physically trained men manage to immediately achieve the maximum amplitude of leg extension in the hip joints.

  1. Sitting on the floor, spread the legs bent at the hip and knee joints, bending forward as you exhale.
  2. Hands can hold onto the feet.


The ancient Indian teaching, which combines the adoption of special postures – asanas with relaxation of the spirit, has long been of increased interest among those who seek to maintain health. After taking a few lessons with a guru, you can continue your practice at home. They have a positive effect on the blood flow of the small pelvis, open the chakras, the energy of which prevents the development of impotence.

  1. The most common asanas for potency, performed at home, are the lotus and birch positions.
  2. The first is performed sitting on the floor, with a straight back and crossed, legs pressed against the thighs.
  3. Hands on your knees.
  4. When performing the second, you need to stand on your shoulder blades, keeping your straight legs raised.
  5. Concentrate mentally on areas 1 and 2 of the chakras.


China also contributed to the solution of the problem by developing a qigong system for potency. Originating in Tibetan monasteries, qigong quickly gained popularity. 

Observations have established the fact that the loss of male strength shortened the years of a man’s life, and children born to fathers who practice this gymnastics were healthier and stronger. Therefore, future fathers were given advice about vigorous training before conception.

Exercise “Deer”

Performed in a horse stance. Legs shoulder-width apart, bent. Hands at chest level, slightly bent.

  • tighten the tense muscles of the pelvic floor, inhale with the nose (inhale – 15 s, the tongue touches the palate);
  • firmly grab the thumb with your fingers;
  • strain your muscles and not breathe for 10 s;
  • relax, exhale through the mouth (exhale 5 s, tongue to the lower teeth).

Qigong helps to remove blocks and restore the flow of vital energy qi along the energy meridians in the human body by performing special exercises. The result will be increased potency, increased libido, improved sperm quality, prevention of congestive prostatitis and prostate adenoma.

Complexes to improve erection and potency

Scattered exercises can be combined as you like, creating your own training system. An alternative is the author’s complexes to improve men’s health.

Exercises for prostatitis from Dr. Popov

The technique is specific and looks more like traditional medicine treatments.

  1. One of the exercises suggests sitting not on a chair, but on a freshly sawn stump of a deciduous tree and repeatedly standing up from it.
  2. Another is to place a warm, just laid chicken egg under the crotch area. Too unconventional, but maybe there is something in it.

Complex for improving potency from Norbekov

Dr. Norbekov is known for the fact that the technique he developed heals more than one specific disease. The balance is restored between external destructive influences and the body’s defenses. His lessons mobilize the body for self-healing and self-regulation.

The complex combines physical exercises, meditation, acupressure and other massages, breathing exercises. The technique is patented and is used in Russia, Germany, Israel, and the USA. You can learn the technique at Norbekov’s Centers or on your own using books and video tutorials. 

Aleksina complex 

Yuri Aleksin, by his own example, proved the effectiveness of the described physical exercises for strengthening and increasing potency. Its complex involves exercises such as:

  • above the legs;
  • voltage;
  • running in place without tearing off the socks;
  • lifting the pelvis;
  • tension of the pubic-coccygeal muscle;
  • hold the stone;
  • walking on the buttocks.

Arnold Kegel gymnastics

For almost 100 years, Kegel gymnastics has been used all over the world. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles helps:  

  • restore the male become;
  • avoid early ejaculation;
  • get rid of urinary incontinence.

It is especially effective to perform these exercises for good potency in men with diabetes mellitus, obesity, with an operated prostate. The complex includes work with the muscle of love, tension of the anus, gluteal and pelvic muscles. There is Kegel gymnastics for women with urinary incontinence.  

Dr. Bubnovsky’s technique

Dr. Bubnovsky also contributed to the treatment of sexual dysfunctions in men. There are 4 exercises in its complex:

  • raising your legs while lying on your stomach;
  • raising the pelvis;
  • rotation of the pelvis;
  • push-up from the wall.

Morning exercises

In any usual complex of morning exercises, you can safely include what is beneficial to male strength. The main thing is to get a charge of vivacity, good mood, tone from the work performed. Without overloading the body, weights with dumbbells can be added to morning exercises.

  1. It is very good for potency to start the day with a hula-hoop;
  2. If you are embarrassed to use a “lady’s” device, take – expander:
    1. One end of the expander in the hand, hook the other on the foot, pull – arm up, leg down;
    2. Sitting, clamp a butterfly expander between your knees. Bring your knees together and apart.

Trainings are held 2 times a day. If the evening complex is performed in a gym, include a barbell in it. A beautiful figure with excellent potency is a beneficial plus.


Many men, due to age or illness, are contraindicated in physical activity. Don’t overload your body, try cardio.

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