Top 10 products that increase potency

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Top 10 products that increase potency

As the most ancient, famous doctor of all times and peoples said – “We are what we eat”. This suggests a conclusion – the more healthy foods, the better health.

Products that increase potency are the most important factor in any man. Knowing what to add to your diet, you can forget about problems in bed, and in emergency cases for many years. 

What vitamins and minerals are needed

For good potency, a guy’s body must regularly receive food rich in trace elements. The most important ones are:

  1. Vitamin B9 (folic acid) – is necessary for the health of blood vessels, nerve fibers, the state of which determines the degree of filling the penis with blood, arousal;
  2. Vitamin A – is responsible for the synthesis of proteins, fats, sex hormones;
  3. B vitamins – necessary for endurance, activity, vitality, strong nervous system;
  4. Vitamin E – is responsible for the quantity and quality of sperm, vascular tone, hematopoiesis;
  5. Vitamin C – is necessary for strong natural protection and vitality of “tadpoles”;
  6. Vitamin D – the content of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, necessary for the proper functioning of the urinary tract, depends on its level;
  7. Zinc – participates in the production of testosterone, the work of the entire reproductive system depends on its amount;
  8. Selenium – improves testosterone production, sperm quality and quantity, protects against the development of neoplasms in the prostate;
  9. Magnesium – increases the production of the sex hormone, is responsible for the health of the circulatory system, prostate gland;
  10.                    L-carnitine, which is involved in the formation of strong erections, the production of high-quality semen.

Almost all vitamins or elements can be obtained from food if you formulate your diet correctly. Such food will be far from dietary, as many believe, but, on the contrary, hearty and complete.

What is most useful

Of the products for increasing potency in men, several groups can be distinguished, which should become the basis of the menu.

1. Nuts

  • contain zinc, vitamin E, magnesium, arginine – an element responsible for the synthesis of nitric oxide, without which an erection does not occur;
  • all kinds of nuts are important for the potency of men. The benefits will be greatest if they are eaten raw daily. Their effectiveness is less when added to other dishes (some of the microelements are lost during heat treatment), but such use is also allowed;
  • the combination of nuts with fruits, vegetables, honey will help to enhance the effect;
  • the greatest result for improving potency is brought by pine nuts, they can be used in unlimited quantities, nutmeg, quite a bit of it.

Shredded nutmeg is sold in the spice section of any supermarket, but there will be no benefit from it – crushed, it loses its properties, it becomes just a spice.

If you use the product as food for potency, you need to buy the nut itself, rub it directly into the dishes.

2. Seafood

  • contain zinc, selenium in the maximum amount;
  • all marine inhabitants are suitable as products for increasing potency, but oysters, sharks, rays are of the greatest value;
  • almost all seafood is natural aphrodisiacs, and therefore increase libido and sexual strength almost immediately;
  • to quickly improve erectile function, it is better to use them raw (if possible) or subject to minimal heat treatment.

3 eggs

  • a special place in products that have a positive effect on the potency of men is occupied by quail or chicken eggs, they are rich in protein, high in phosphorus, iron, amino acids;
  • daily consumption of eggs will significantly increase libido, give a long-lasting erection, quick recovery after sex;
  • the body temperature of the quail is about 40 degrees, so the eggs do not contain salmonella, they can be drunk raw.  

4. Meat

  • indispensable for male power red meat of dietary varieties, game, the most intimate part of male animals – testicles;
  • meat is an excellent aphrodisiac, is responsible for the processes of the nervous system that enhance sexual desire.
  • for food to be healthy for potency, the meat should be boiled, baked or stewed with the right, light side dish, preferably vegetable;
  • you should not get carried away with it, large amounts of meat will increase the protein content. This will require additional energy costs for its processing and, sadly, the opposite effect on male ability.

5. Garlic and onions

  • among all representatives of the gifts of nature, they have the most complete complex of “male” vitamins, amino acids, macro, microelements;
  • daily use stabilizes the balance of hormones, strengthens the immune system;
  • an important feature – they retain their useful properties even after thermal exposure, because saturate their “pot neighbors” with their essential oils.

6. Honey

  • a high protein content will improve blood circulation: it will provide a full blood flow to the small pelvis, which means the duration of an erection, the power of sexual arousal;
  • both honey itself and other beekeeping products are useful, they improve the synthesis of testosterone, increase tone, endurance, thanks to significant amounts of glucose and fructose.

Fructose and glucose are essential for the brain, and therefore for the mind and intelligence. Together, this will give the guy even more weight in the eyes of a girl who loves and appreciates masculinity and intelligence.

However, you should not get carried away with it, sweet light can lead to weight gain – 10 grams of honey per day is enough.

7. Grapes

  • necessary for men with problems with potency, if they are caused by a violation of the circulatory system;
  • has a positive effect on the reproductive system in all forms, including juice, raisins, young wine (the latter – in moderation!);
  • raises male capabilities, increases the number of healthy active sperm, and therefore is able to cope with infertility.

8. Chocolate

  • refers to products for fast-acting potency, contains unique chemical compounds that affect the psycho-emotional state of a person. Causes a feeling of love, improves mood, increases libido, androgen production;
  • to obtain the desired effect, take only dark chocolate with a high cocoa content without fillers (except for nuts), the extreme option is hot chocolate.

9. Celery

  • contains all the minerals and vitamins necessary for human reproduction – from sexual desire to the ejaculation of healthy seminal fluid;
  • first of all, dishes with celery increase the production of testosterone, on which hormonal balance and all functions of the reproductive system depend.

10. Sychuzhina

  • one of the most exotic products for domestic men to increase potency is rennet or camel stomach. In eastern countries, it is considered a natural analogue of Viagra, the effect of its use is almost instantaneous. It is difficult to get rennet, but the work is worth it, because;
  • they use it in small quantities, which means that one stomach will last for a long time;
  • You can store it for a long time, because for the result, the stomach of a camel is prepared in a special way – in the form of alcohol tincture or dried.

What foods are harmful

Harmful products for potency also exist, and therefore they should be excluded from the diet or, in extreme cases, try to reduce their consumption to a minimum.

The list of the most destructive includes:

  1. Alcoholic drinks – kill sperm, contribute to the development of diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular system, cause premature dysfunction.
  2. Sugary sodas – Excessive consumption leads to dehydration, which increases the viscosity of semen and blood.
  3. Smoked meats are harmful to men’s health in that the liquid smoke they contain can increase the toxic effect on the testes, this will affect the production of testosterone.
  4. Vegetable oil (with the exception of olive oil) – reduces the synthesis of androgens.
  5. Sweet yeast baked goods, other wheat flour products.

The list of products harmful to potency, dangerous when consumed in large quantities, also includes:

  1. Fatty milk.
  2. Soy.
  3. Food from fast food restaurants.
  4. Beer.
  5. Mayonnaise and other store sauces.
  6. Snacks.
  7. Caffeine.
  8. Kinza.

For complete self-confidence, give up everything that contains preservatives, GMOs, artificial colors and other chemicals that gradually “poison” you and your masculinity.

What else is important for strong masculine strength?

Just following the diet or the principles of proper nutrition to increase potency in men is not enough. Health care should be comprehensive. Pay attention to factors such as:

  • a healthy lifestyle – the main destroyers of health – bad habits, frequent stress, sedentary work, prolonged sexual abstinence or promiscuous sexual relations. By minimizing them (or better, excluding them completely), you can significantly improve your well-being and sexual performance;
  • sports loads. Eating only healthy food for an erection, a young man runs the risk of gaining a few extra pounds or earning erectile dysfunction if he does not exercise much. Sports and physical education must be present in the life of a man of any age. Their appearance does not really matter, the main thing is that the classes are regular and enjoyable.

Will pharmacy vitamin complexes help

  • useful products for men are those that contain chemical elements necessary for the full functioning of the reproductive system. However, not every guy is capable of consuming seafood or fresh fruits and vegetables that do not contain nitrates every day. The former is not always possible due to financial reasons, the latter due to seasonality. Most of the products that improve potency, for various reasons, are not available to everyone. Vitamin and mineral complexes created by pharmacological companies will come to the rescue;
  • multivitamins are recommended for all men, regardless of the diet, many elements are not always absorbed due to age-related changes. It is better to entrust the choice of the drug to a specialist after the examination, but you can do it yourself;
  • There are many complexes for men developed, but give preference to those that are sold in pharmacies and contain all the necessary vitamins, zinc, selenium and magnesium. These are both ordinary complexes and specially designed for guys.


Whatever products that increase potency for men are present in the diet, their benefits are possible only if they are combined with full-fledged care for their health.

Strong potency is a consequence of the well-coordinated work of many internal organs, so you need to eat so that they all function fully.

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