How to alternate anal and vaginal sex correctly?

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How to alternate anal and vaginal sex correctly?

You can alternate anal and vaginal sex, but it is important to follow simple rules. They will protect against infections, pain and inconvenience. And there are several life hacks that will be useful in double penetration.

The combination of vaginal and anal sex

If you want different sex, but laziness to go to the shower several times, you should choose the simplest combination : first vaginal contact, and then anal. And only after that water procedures. This is the most popular scenario among thousands of couples. Reversing everything is a bit more complicated. After anal sex, penetrating the vagina is not recommended. Bacteria from the intestines when they enter the vagina cause dysbiosis or inflammation . This is especially dangerous during pregnancy. Then it takes about 2 weeks to 4 weeks for treatment. And it happens that for the first time everything passes without consequences, but does not appear during initial experiments. But this does not mean that such a sequence will have to be abandoned. The right alternation is possible with condoms 


 . After anal, it is necessary to remove the protective agent, and only then penetrate into another hole. This can be done with or without a new contraceptive – it depends on the choice of protective equipment.

Another option is to go to the shower after anal , wash off all the secretions and grease residues. And only then move on to vaginal sex. 

How to alternate anal and oral sex

Caressing the tongue and lips before penetrating the anus is practiced by many couples. This is a pleasant process that helps to get aroused or prepare for anal sex.

Not everyone practices the same actions after anal contact. It’s just that at this time some secretions and grease are on the genitals, and this is a certain smell and taste that can repel.
Is it dangerous to get secretions from the anus into the mouth? No, it does not affect health. In rare cases, indigestion may occur. Grease is a great danger. If you plan oral sex after applying a lubricant , you need to choose an edible lubricant. When ingested, this will not cause irritation. She also has a pleasant taste and aroma, which makes sex even more interesting. There is no silicone grease. They are not intended for oral caresses, they are used only externally. Yes, and they taste unpleasant. 


Double Penetration – How Right?

To immerse immediately in two holes, you need a second phallus. You can invite another man or buy a special nozzle.

When choosing a handy tool in the store, it is important to decide in advance which “live” member will plunge into which hole . There is a nozzle for the anus or vagina. They are attached to the penis and scrotum. The fixed design allows for double entry. 

Alternate penetration into the vagina and anus is according to the rules described above. It is impossible to transfer bacteria from the anus to the vagina. That is why it will not work with the nozzle to apply several poses in a different plane . If you started making love in the back position, then it will be difficult to go to the missionary. You will either have to go to the shower to change the holes for the artificial and natural member, or to change the condom. If in sex the toy is used for both the vagina and the anus, it should also be used for buttocks with latex protection or washed thoroughly after each anal. The alternation of different sex is an exciting process, but you should always remember about security. The microflora of the vagina is very tender, and the ingestion of feces can upset the balance. This is best avoided. Quality condoms help to solve this problem without reducing pleasant sensations. Yes, and a man with a latex product can not worry that bacteria will fall into the urethra and cause painful processes. 

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