Itching after anal. Causes, methods of treatment

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Itching after anal. Causes, methods of treatment

Itching after anal sex often occurs. It can be permanent or manifest in individual situations. The presence of such a symptom indicates the incorrect execution of anal caresses. The sensation should not be ignored, it can and should be treated. It is also necessary to prevent the occurrence of itching in the future.

What causes itching

The causes of itching can be many things: from allergies to hemorrhoids. But most often it occurs after anal sex. In the process, microtraumas of the anus appear, during healing they itch.

The stronger the cracks, the more serious the discomfort. For example, itching can be followed by pain. Or last constantly, causing great inconvenience. Someone feels it only when sitting down, and someone is tormented around the clock from burning.

Cracks heal for 2-3 days if they do not get an infection. If there is an infection, the treatment lasts from 7 to 30 days. Therefore, it is important to monitor hygiene when itching very carefully.

What can worsen the condition and increase itching

The easiest way to prevent itching is by properly preparing for the anal and acting in the process. But if he has already appeared, it is important not to aggravate the situation. There are actions that lengthen the healing process and enhance discomfort. Itching is activated in several cases:

  • After a bowel movement , if the skin is not thoroughly cleaned or hard toilet paper is used. It is better to wash off any residual water with water rather than paper.
  • When wearing synthetic underwear. The skin does not breathe, it slows down the healing process. It is important to choose natural tissues for the duration of treatment. 
  • Wearing a string. The tissue touches the injured area, worsens the condition of the delicate mucosa. It is ideal to replace panties with slips or shorts not touching the anus when worn. 
  • When fogging the perineum. Especially true for overweight people. In hot weather, the skin is moisturized, which prevents the retraction of injuries. Baby powder helps with sweat. 
  • With repeated anal fissures will only increase. Repeat this sexual intercourse is possible only after complete healing. 
  • When eating very spicy foods. It irritates the intestines, interferes with normal recovery. 

Avoiding these things will eliminate the itching faster.

How to treat itching

Itching can pass by itself. And if the feeling is not very pronounced, it is enough to observe hygiene and wait for healing. But if after 2-3 days it does not get any easier, you can go to the pharmacy for a healing cream . The medicinal composition is applied to clean skin 2-3 times a day. The effect is noticeable after a day. The tooth passes completely, and the pain disappears when the bowels are empty. The duration of treatment is individual, the cream must be used up to 7 days. If during this period the injury has not passed, it is worth consulting with a therapist or proctologist. They will prescribe tests, and if there is inflammation, they will prescribe a course of drugs for treatment. 

How to avoid itching in the anus after anal

So that there are no cracks, and as a result of itching, it is important to apply a lot of good lubricant . Lubricant prevents injuries and improves gliding. Sometimes it is necessary to add lubricant in the process, if it dries, then there will be no problems. Preparation of the anus before penetration is needed . It is important to gradually expand the hole with your fingers or sex toys. A sharp entrance is dangerous not only by cracks, but also by ruptures. At the beginning of the movement should be smooth. As long as there is tension in the sphincters, sharp shocks should be avoided. In order for the body to get used to the object inside, you need to move very slowly for a couple of minutes. Itching in the anus is a bad sign. If it does not pass more than 10 days, you should consult a doctor. Infected wounds require treatment, and you should not refuse the help of a doctor so that the condition does not worsen. It is possible to have anal sex only after complete healing of the skin, when the itching has passed. And if you follow the simple rules, the discomfort will no longer return.

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