How to avoid routine in intimate life?

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How to avoid routine in intimate life?

It is no secret that the root of many problems in the family should be sought in the dissatisfaction of the spouses with an intimate life. The lack of harmony in this sphere of relations between husband and wife negatively affects the atmosphere in the family. Disagreements, quarrels and clarification of relations, hidden grievances – all this gradually destroys marriage and kills love. How to avoid this? How to achieve harmony in family life?  

To develop and maintain sexual harmony in the family, sexologists have proposed a number of tips, the implementation of which will be effective in preventing the occurrence of sexual disorders in the intimate sphere.

You should not plan sex in advance. Learn to adjust the rhythm of intimate life in accordance with the desire of the spouses and the sexual abilities of the husband. Pay attention to the atmosphere of intimacy.  

Scheduled sex becomes a bit of a duty, a routine, and loses its charm. Many families plan intimacy in advance, thus trying to squeeze sex into their busy schedule between work and household chores, and try to strictly adhere to the established rhythm of intimate life. At the same time, sometimes they do not take into account the state of health of the spouse, possible difficulties at work or simply lack of mood. All this can cause problems in the intimate life: sexual failures in the husband or lack of orgasm in the wife. Problems in sex lead to quarrels, grievances and mutual reproaches. Relations in a pair go bad.    

Refusal of intimacy planning is much more preferable. Sex should be a consequence of the mutual attraction of husband and wife, a fit of passion, the desire of both spouses to give each other pleasure, and not an occupation according to a previously approved schedule. The couple should enjoy the intimate communication with each other, and not engage in the performance of marital duty.

Some couples have sex daily, some once every few days, and some once a week, or even less. For each couple, the rhythm of intimate life is a purely individual concept. It makes no sense to adapt to others and require the spouse to have sex more often than his capabilities allow. A loving wife should balance her desires with her husband’s physical abilities. As well as the husband should take into account the mood of the spouse. Only by listening to each other and loving each other, spouses can achieve complete harmony in the intimate sphere. Without altruism in this matter is impossible!    

Many problems in families arise due to the lack of an altruistic attitude towards their second half in terms of sex. Or the wife demands from the husband much more than he can give her. The result is the failure of a man in bed, depressed mood. Or the husband wants intimacy more often than his wife wants. As a result, a woman does not enjoy sex. Both of these situations entail a deterioration in relations in marriage, and cause quarrels and even betrayal. 

The way out of the situation is a joint search for a solution to the problem, an analysis of the reasons for the second half to refuse sex, an altruistic, attentive attitude to the partner. A loving couple should together find a mutually acceptable way that will help both spouses to experience a sense of sexual discharge.

Nothing contributes to maintaining a good relationship, as a regular intimate life that gives pleasure to both spouses. It is the key to preserving a man’s sexual abilities until he is old and has a beneficial effect on his wife’s response.

The situation plays an important role in its influence on the woman’s desire for intimacy. It is important for maintaining the desire for intimate communication between both spouses.

It is important for the couple to be able to retire. Being behind a thin wall of parents or staying in a room of a sleeping young child can cause embarrassment and lead to a lack of desire to have sex.

On sexual desire men can affect many, it seemed like minor things that a woman should be considered. An unsuccessful choice of perfume, an insufficient measure of maintaining a clean body, stale underwear, in the end, with her own face in a cosmetic mask or the presence of curlers on her hair, a wife can “discourage” her husband from having sex with her.   

Spouses should take care of the situation, their own appearance, the need to create the right mood, so that intimacy was a joy and gave both a lot of positive emotions.

It is enough for the spouses to make a little effort to return passion and harmony to their intimate life. This will strengthen the marriage and make the relationship warmer.

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