How to find a husband via the Internet? Slow down, horses!

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How to find a husband via the Internet? Slow down, horses!

Are you languishing in anticipation of a story about the dangers, pitfalls and possible maneuvers of bed life with your chosen one? Then I will remind you the words of Fevronia: “The female nature is one; almost wow, leaving your wife to someone else’s thoughts? ”

Indeed, the nature of change does not undergo changes, and divorces and betrayals are a dime a dozen. Why? 

In my opinion, only nature we have is the same, and everything else is different. The conclusion suggests itself that the behavior of a person in bed is determined by character and is largely predictable, respectively. Therefore, do not take the time and labor before and watch how your chosen one manifests himself in basic things.    

For example, how does he eat? Quickly and on the go or thoughtfully and with pleasure, like a gourmet and an epicurean? 

Or how does he drive a car? What is his style? From the spot into the quarry, endlessly accelerating and slowing down so that each time your guts fly up to your throat? Or choleric fidgeting in stripes, ahead of someone and giving offensive remarks, especially to girls at the wheel? Or maybe, on the contrary, it starts to move and slows down so smoothly that you don’t even notice that you are in the car, absorbed in a fascinating conversation with him? 

How does he dance? Infinitely stomps on the spot or waltzes so that you do not feel your feet underneath? 

Feel free to extrapolate all these and its other characteristic features to the behavior in bed, you will not miss.

I’ll make a reservation, I don’t at all call for pickling a partner in such a way that as a result, sex with you becomes Pyrrhic victory for him. I am for the fact that in bed (and after) you should not be disappointed at the disagreement of your expectations with its capabilities, which you had a lot of chances to see outside and before. Use them.

Now is the time to avoid possible misunderstandings and misunderstandings between the author and the reader to compare how my ideas about you coincide with you real.

So, I see you as smart, educated and intelligent, aware that this is a masculine world, which, however, would not exist without us women. Such a woman will not prove to a man her equality with him, and even worse primacy or leadership. 

For example, she will not boast with enthusiasm at all, as she recently arrived at the service station and put all the staff of this male institution into the belt with a brilliant knowledge of terminology regarding the malfunction of her carburetor, oil change , etc. 

Naturally, this is exactly what happened if she was an auto mechanic. In all other cases, even if all is true, she will not share this experience from a high rostrum! She will have the intelligence to understand that the flip side of this coin eloquently testifies to her loneliness.

In you , I see a woman who joyfully gives the palm in all men’s affairs to them, men, and reserves the right to be a Woman. 

This means always being respectful of your chosen one; leave him the right to make strategically important decisions in favor of their common family, while leaving himself the right of an advisory vote. Do not push or press, but also be able to see, hear and feel him and his desires, as well as your own.  

Compliance with all these rules gives her the basis and the right to claim and receive in return his care, love, protection, comfort. And also to be in the position of a Muse, to inspire your partner to always be a leader with her and to feel responsible for her happiness and well-being of children. That is, she wants to get married because she wants to be married. Not instead of a husband, not in front of a husband, but FOR a husband! 

If you are like this, then we will continue along the way.

So, you have more than enough space in the niche “Woman”. Everything in your life has already happened, and twice! And that’s why you don’t jump into bed with him headlong. You know that all sex is in the head. And if you remove the head and soul from this process, then it will turn into an impersonal mechanistic act, the same for everyone. You understand that sex has a lot more emotional striptease than anything else. And you feel how vulnerable both are, being naked and insecure social conventions.  

That is precisely why you want to insure yourself against possible disappointments. Accordingly, even when you really like a partner, you first go with him to the theater, to ballet, to opera, to the movies, bowling, ice skating and … yes, to dancing. All this gives you time and the opportunity to get to know each other better and determine whether you are looking in one direction. You already looked at each other enough and fell in love with each other. 

At the moment, it is necessary to understand whether you enjoy the same films, whether your ideas about what is sad and what is funny converge , and finally, do your opinions on what you read coincide .    

In short, the candy season is your time, enjoy it! Even if then disappointment awaits you, which is unlikely, if you have not neglected this step, then at least wonderful memories will remain. And the purpose of this entire period is to check whether your desires have become his.    

You ask why? It is not news that a happy marriage is when two are one, and if one is beaten, then the other is hurt. This is when in the global aspects of being, both look in the same direction, and not even at each other with the desire to understand each other. What is needed is not only and not so much a desire to understand as a desire to accept the point of view of a partner. If you look at the most important things in life differently, you will never be in a state of harmony in these relationships. You will always be in a state of compromise.    

Harmony, however, is when, without coercion, you look at things the same way. Or when the mode of action, the reaction to some events in the life of the two of you, is independently the same.  

And this automatically means that your desires became upon him. And vice versa. And if there is harmony in everything else, and only the bed is left behind the scenes, then, of course, it’s time to move on to the next stage.

And I don’t bother you. And then we will discuss whether it is worth stopping there.

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