How to excite a woman by slapping her buttocks?

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How to excite a woman by slapping her buttocks?

Spanking a sexual partner can be quite an exciting activity for both. It should be noted right away that spanking does not mean hurting. Women in this process are aroused by a feeling of helplessness and subordination, a feeling of a warm male hand on the buttocks and a hunch of subsequent sexual pleasures. For men, the exciting effect is as follows: in the sense of control over your partner, in the game with her attractive buttocks and in introducing her into the appropriate mood for sex.

Before proceeding to the description of the implementation of this technique, it should be noted that the partner must trust the partner, only in this case it is possible to achieve an exciting effect from spanking.

1. Waiting for the time of “punishment”. Waiting aggravates perception and enhances sexual arousal. You can emphasize the expectation in different ways. For example, by “ordering” her to excite herself until the time comes for the execution of the “punishment”. In general, make a kind of scenario in which the game should develop. 

2. Preparation for “punishment.” The next step in your scenario may be an “order” to prepare. This may include taking a bath, special clothes , etc. If you say that the duration of the “spanking” will depend on how it is prepared, the cooking process will have a completely different effect. This will make her think about it constantly, which will affect the degree of arousal.    

3. Assessment of its appearance. Further, an assessment of her appearance must certainly follow. Examine every inch of her body with sensual touches, comment on her preparedness in the light of how this will affect her “punishment”.  

4. Invent a ritual that she must perform before starting. She can kneel and ask for mercy. Always agree that she will be forgiven after “punishment.” You should play in such a way as if the “punishment” in the form of spanking is carried out only for her benefit, and if she behaves like a “good girl” during him, then afterwards she will be encouraged. 

5. Do not rush to start when she is already in the right position. Before slapping, play with her buttocks, squeezing, stroking, as if checking their elasticity. At the same time, keep an eye on her degree of agitation. During stroking, tell her how her ass will look after “punishment”. When she begins to tremble with excitement, you can proceed, she is ready.  

6. The beginning. When you start spanking her, you can start doing this through clothes. When you have already warmed it up enough, you can proceed to spanking on your bare ass. You need to alternate spanking with strokes, since the essence of spanking is to ensure the flow of blood to the lower organs, thereby arousing the partner, and not cause her pain. Spanking can also be combined with stimulation of the clitoris, anus, labia and vagina. Thus, she will associate spanking with other exciting things and will be more aroused from spanking. 

7. The right technique. The most effective position of the palm, when it is rounded and the fingers are pressed together, since the loudest sound is made in this position, the skin turns pink most, but there is less pain. If such flip flops do not start it, you can try the position when the palm is flat, fingers spread apart and relaxed. In this position, pain will appear. The best effect is given by a slow pace with an irregular rhythm, as the instant of foreboding of a slap enhances excitement. 

So, once again I must say that it is not a matter of the number of slaps and their strength, but of bringing a woman to a strong arousal, to being ready for further sexual action.

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