How to fall in love with yourself, and not with your money?

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How to fall in love with yourself, and not with your money?

Many of our clients are wealthy men who have devoted all their free time to building a career and creating their own business. Because of this, they did not have time to gain enough experience in communicating with girls and faced a common problem – when girls see them as a sponsor, and not a man. So how do you fall in love with yourself?

Here are some simple tips to make girls fall in love with you, not your finances:

How to fall in love with yourself

  1. If you meet a girl in an expensive restaurant or club, do not rush to immediately treat her to cocktails, hookah and other menu items. Your task at this stage is simply to talk to her and exchange contacts. Unless, of course, you want to find adventures for one night (in this case, a different algorithm applies, we will talk about it in other blog articles).
  2. Appoint a new meeting with her in that cafe / restaurant where you yourself often visit. It should be located in the city center (so that it is convenient for her to get there) and be comfortable for you at a price tag.
  3. When making an appointment, a girl can influence the time and date of this meeting, but not the place. If she says that she does not like this cafe and offers her own options, do not go along with it. A girl who is interested in you as a man does not care what kind of cafe or restaurant it will be. She goes to communicate with you, and not on a gastro tour .
  4. The girl does not need to be taken from home or from work to be transported to the meeting place, she will get to this place herself. Exactly also you don’t need to see her off, unless, of course, you stayed up late at night on a date. If the time is already late – order and pay for her a taxi, it’s too early to take her home yourself.
  5. In the cafe or restaurant itself, the girl usually looks at what you order. Help her with this and be the first to announce your order to the waiter (no need to follow the rules of etiquette here).
  6. If a girl on the first or second date suddenly starts ordering many times more than you (by quantity or by price tag) – at the time of ordering, ask the waiter for a separate bill. Most likely, this will be your last date with her, but let’s be honest – she obviously did not come to talk.
  7. On a date, tell stories: dynamic, exciting, funny, showing your strengths. Try to touch the whole spectrum of the girl’s emotions.
  8. Seduce a girl quickly – from 3 to 7 hours of spending time together (this can be either one or 3 dates)
  9. Before starting a joint life, do not give her money, she somehow lived without your help all this time.
  10. Come join us for a free workshop. We will talk about other techniques on how to fall in love with yourself, talk about seduction and share the intricacies of the psychology of girls.

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