Those Awkward Pauses: Don’t Disappoint Her on a Date

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Those Awkward Pauses: Don’t Disappoint Her on a Date

If you had a bummer on the first date, do not lose your presence of mind. There is always a chance to get out and not fall face down in the mud. Awkward situations on a date: what are the troubles and how to avoid a fiasco in front of a girl?

1. One of you is late

This moment always spoils the impression, resentment may flare up. If you agreed to meet at 7 pm, but she still doesn’t come or you yourself are late, your nerves start to play pranks. And there may not be a second date. But everything is solved simply: gather at the meeting point in advance, take into account the travel time with a margin. To avoid confusion, specify the address – this is a common courtesy that will reinsure.

2. Photo and life do not match

Your interlocutor in reality turned out to be not as pretty as on the edited profile picture . There is generally someone else’s photo – the stronger the disappointment. What can I say – choose proven web services with a verification system for dating. And do not deceive anyone and do not overestimate yourself.

You can ask for a selfie of the interlocutor in advance in the chat. And go on a virtual date on Skype in advance. A live conversation will relieve tension before the first real meeting.

3. It is not clear how to address each other.

Just a banal “hello” is not always appropriate and boring. Here you stand and look at each other, not knowing what to talk about. Such a problem overtakes not only teenagers – even adults are lost. But this is normal, this is the first meeting, the stiffness is understandable. But do not act too cheeky, so as not to spoil the impression. You can even admit to her that you are embarrassed – the reason for this is her attractiveness. Believe me, any woman will be flattered, even if she does not show it. And you will have a good time – smile, let each other feel the joy of communication.

4. Those tense pauses

If during a conversation the thread of the discussion is interrupted all the time, you don’t know what to talk about, then this is just torture. So that she does not rush home, it is worth reviving the process.

In general, the first date is something like an interview. But do not turn it into an interrogation or defile.

If you met online, look at the list of interests in advance, google this information so as not to sit in a puddle. There will always be something to insert into the “minutes of silence.” When there is no chance to get information online, just ask on a date about everything that interests you. The girl will appreciate the attention, will gladly talk about her hobbies.

5. She’s on her phone all the time.

In fact, this is a common modern problem – people “run away” from difficult situations, pretending to surf the tape during a conversation. This is wildly annoying, especially when they answer at random and are clearly distracted. The feeling that you are superfluous is not inspiring. But it happens that she really has urgent work questions or some problems in life, she must answer. Ask a question – what’s going on, is she busy. If she says: “No, no, everything is fine,” but starts digging into her smartphone again, then she is hardly interested in you. What to do happens.

6. Confusion related to food

You are in a restaurant, cafe chatting about this and that. Suddenly you choke on borscht, drop the vinaigrette on your pants, and choke on your coffee. Or she notices that you have crumbs on your cheek or greens stuck in your teeth. How to get out of the situation? A sense of humor will save here, you can laugh it off and comment on this moment merrily. Everything that could happen has already happened, so don’t worry and just push this moment into the past.

The main thing is not to whine and do not focus on your clumsiness, otherwise she will not notice the good and will only remember the stupid situation at this meeting.

7. Not sure what to do

You have been chatting for an hour now, discussed all the topics and started to get bored. It’s cold to walk, it’s early to go home, all that remains is to politely say goodbye. But it’s better to come up with a date plan in advance. After all, you are not yet so close to improvise, you still need to know each other’s addictions. Find out about your hobbies, favorite films of your companion. Together you can come up with interesting ways to spend time.

8. Nothing to pay for dinner

You’ve had a nice time at the restaurant, but the moment the waiter appears with the bill, everything takes a terrible turn. The amount for the treat is more than you expected. And ashamed, and dumb, but you have to pay. Honesty will help out here – the best move, tell her that the gatherings unexpectedly turned out to be more expensive than you expected. Promise to repay the debt, she may well understand.

But the best solution is to quietly call your friends and ask them to transfer money to the card. So you solve problems on your own and do not spoil the impression.

9. Obsessive hint for a sequel

She acts very relaxed and clearly wants something more. He hugs, touches, strokes, then reaches out to kiss. Here you need to make a knight’s move: either play along and agree, or make it clear that you need time. But how not to offend her refusal? It is important to remember that on the first date, no one owes anything to anyone. You don’t really know each other yet, so you can say everything you need.

An important nuance: make sure that she does not film you at the moment of your hugging and then does not present it as harassment or, God forbid, violence. Blackmailers often come across, but if there are no such suspicions, the flag is in hand!

10. She has something wrong with her head

Your small talk has reached a dead end, and suddenly she starts talking on strange topics. Now he rubs about reptilians , then about the flat Earth, conspiracies and all that. You quietly flow around and think about how to curl up into a tube. In general, a strange person was caught, nothing foreshadowed. This is another argument in favor of preliminary communication in video chat. Be yourself, don’t expect a perfect date, say you have other interests.

There is a way out of any situation, but if you are interested in continuing communication, then behave calmly and sincerely. Adults can always explain their embarrassment, admit to misunderstanding, or ask a question. Do not forget about compliments, be attentive and gallant, and everything will be fine.

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