What happens in the body during sex?

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What happens in the body during sex?

Sex is an integral part of our life, and this is an undeniable truth. What happens to a person during sex? Why does he make men want more and women fall in love? What is sex good for? We will try to answer these questions, referring to a recent study in the United States. 

His results showed that a few minutes before orgasm – no matter whether it is with a man or a woman – in the brain “wakes up” a certain area that is responsible for enjoying drinks and delicious food. But after the climax , the hypothalamus immediately activates. In the normal state, he regulates feelings of fatigue, thirst and hunger.      

What happens in the body during sex?

There, it turns out, the so-called hug hormone, or scientifically – oxytocin , is produced . This hormone serves to reduce the psychological protection of sex partners and increase confidence between them. Moreover, the female half of this hormone is produced more. Apparently, therefore, women easily fall in love with men with whom they had a love affair , even if it was fleeting or accidental.   

But for men, this insidious hormone acts in a completely different way. Instead of affection, he gives them only a feeling of satisfaction. However, in addition to it, the male half during sex has also received a certain dopamine , which is called the hormone of pleasure.   

Here is the clue why, after sex, men want more, and women just fall in love.

Now let’s list what sex is useful for the human body . Each individual probably has a ready-made answer to this question. We will approach him scientifically.  

  •                    So, sexologists say that an orgasm is able to block pain signals that go to the brain. This effect can be compared with taking an increased dose of pain medication.
  •                    More good news: regular sex causes the growth of brain cells, which are responsible for learning and memory. Otherwise: the more these cells, the more sex.
  •                    Moreover, carnal love makes us smarter because the testosterone produced in its process improves our reaction and focuses our attention.
  •                    From a rush of blood in the brain, the level of oxygen rises, and the activity of its work increases.

What happens in a woman’s body during sex?

There are a hundred times more nerve endings on her lips than on her fingertips. Therefore, tender and passionate kisses include mechanisms in her brain that produce a substance that improves mood and relieves nervous tension. Kisses increase the level of these hormones and make a woman more sensitive to the upcoming intercourse with her partner. Therefore, sex with a loved one brings her more pleasure.

Sexologists say relaxation is the key to female orgasm . To get sexual pleasure, a woman should drop all extraneous thoughts from her head and try to completely relax.  

A man such a psychological aspect in sex is not so important. His main concern is physical stimulation in contact with a partner, ending with an orgasm.  

But back to the health benefits that sex brings. He is for many the best sleeping pills, especially for men. The stronger sex removes the stress accumulated during the day before bedtime. But the weaker sex can even cry after an orgasm, and this should be taken quite normally. This tearfulness can be explained by the release of the hormone, which gives emotions a greater brightness. 

Well , sex really is an integral part of our life, and it is very pleasant for us. You just need to understand that it brings not only purely physical pleasure, but also psychological, especially for women. That is why petty disagreements are often resolved in bed, and no resentment after such a reconciliation remains. 

PS The text does not say anything about the reproductive function of sex. But this is a topic for a separate article.

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