How to reduce penis hypersensitivity

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How to reduce penis hypersensitivity

The glans hypersensitivity causes a number of sexual problems – excessive excitement, premature ejaculation. This greatly affects the relationship between partners and creates conflicts due to feelings of dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to desensitize and become a good lover.  

Causes of increased sensitivity of the head

The problem of over-sensitivity of the penis has always plagued men all over the world.

High sensitivity of the penis

Experts identify 9 main reasons for increased sensitivity of the glans penis that you need to know about in order to fix the problem:

  • Hereditary factors. In this situation, a man is immediately born with increased sensitivity and it increases during puberty.
  • Incorrect positioning of the foreskin. This is another congenital factor that can worsen and lead to various inflammatory processes, infections on the genital organ.
  • If a man suffers from prostatitis, then this affects the nerve endings and greatly increases the sensitivity of the head.
  • An inflammatory process on the head can appear at any age and will affect sensitivity.
  • The problem is often seen in guys who have had extended periods of abstinence. The sensitivity goes away after having sex a few times.
  • One of the most common causes is psychosomatic (constant stress, nervous fatigue at work or in personal life).
  • A hormonal imbalance that usually only occurs during adolescence. As a rule, the problem disappears on its own when the young man grows up.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, as well as other diseases of the penis, can cause increased sensitivity of the glans penis.
  • Postponed injuries of the spine.

What determines the sensitivity of the penis

There are a number of reasons that affect penile sensitivity:

  • Excessive excitability of some centers in the brain. Ejaculation occurs when the level of stimulation of the penis reaches a specific level. There are situations when the threshold for the reflex is very low, which causes severe overexcitation, and as a result – early ejaculation.
  • The head of the penis itself is a rather sensitive part of the male body. But sometimes problems arise – the sensitivity is too great, and sometimes it borders on painful sensations. Such difficulties are observed in guys with too narrow foreskin. Therefore, the head of the penis is constantly closed and does not come into contact with the external environment.
  • The sensitivity of the penis is also affected by the bridle – one of the highest sensitive areas of the man’s body. If the bridle is not long enough, then during sex it is very tightly stretched, which leads to additional stimulation of the penis.

Various diseases also affect penis sensitivity:

  • prostatitis;
  • infections;
  • dysfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • vesiculitis.

If you recognize the symptoms in a timely manner and consult a doctor, then the sensitivity of the penis can be returned to normal.

Ways to reduce sensitivity at home

In the modern world, there are many effective ways to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis. To do this, the guys use medicines, special condoms, ointments or traditional medicine recipes. Another way that it is desirable to master is self-control. And if none of the methods helps, you will have to resort to surgical intervention.

The most effective ways to reduce head sensitivity at home will be discussed below.


Experts recommend taking the following pills to cope with the problem and understand how to reduce the sensitivity of the penis:

  • Erofors . The main active ingredients are zinc and ginseng. Using a pharmacological agent, you can significantly reduce the sensitivity of the head. And thanks to the natural composition, the tablets will not harm the body.
  • Tiefen . It is an antispasmodic drug with which you can get rid of strong sensitivity and return blood circulation to a normal state.
  • Papaverine. This tool is inexpensive, but it is quite effective in dealing with increased sensitivity. In addition, using the drug, you can relieve psychological stress, since the tablets also act on the nervous system.
  • Speman . The drug is intended to restore metabolism in the prostate gland. Using these pills, you can normalize your potency and bring blood circulation back to normal. The drug is often taken by guys who have problems with head sensitivity and develop prostatitis.

Creams and ointments

To reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis during sex, you can also use various creams and ointments that prolong sexual intercourse. The drugs are also used by men without the described problem, but with hypersensitivity they are simply necessary.

In pharmacies, you need to look for a product containing lidocaine. It is advisable to wear a cream or ointment on the penis some time before intercourse. As soon as the moment of intimate connection with a partner approaches, it is necessary to wash off the remnants of the cream from the penis. Otherwise, the girl’s genitals will begin to pinch.

The duration of the effect of such funds varies from 15 minutes to 1 hour. It is important to note that it is strictly forbidden to pull a condom over an ointment or cream, since latex will be damaged from their structure. For this reason, all lubricants and creams are advised to be removed from the penis immediately before intercourse begins.

One of the most popular drugs for reducing head sensitivity is ” Emla “.


There are special condoms on sale that are impregnated with anesthetic. As a rule, such contraceptives are used at the first sexual contact with a girl who has not yet had sex. Condoms can help reduce pain.

But also guys can use such a contraceptive to reduce the sensitivity of the head. But there is also a minus: if you use a low-quality condom of an unknown brand, there is a chance that the girl will develop an allergic reaction and burning of the genitals.

Decreased touch

The more partners touch each other, the more excitement begins. For this reason, the male orgasm occurs much faster. Guys with a sensitive glans need to minimize contact with the stomach and chest.

To do this, you need to choose the right position, for example, when the young man is lying on his back, and the partner takes the riding position. Sexologists additionally recommend that you not completely remove your clothes to minimize contact.

Correct postures

If a guy has problems with the sensitivity of the glans penis, he needs to relax his body as much as possible during sex, not to strain his buttocks.

It is advisable to take a position on the back so that the girl takes an active part from above. Guys with increased head sensitivity are strictly forbidden to take a position from above, as they will constantly be in contact with the partner’s body. Which will lead to even more excitement. In this case, sexual intercourse may end in a few seconds.


There are three effective distractions to help you figure out how to desensitize your penis:

  • The mental method. In this situation, attention must be switched to extraneous thoughts that have nothing to do with the partner and her beauty. For example, many guys use some unpleasant memories to prolong sex.
  • The visual method. It is necessary to use visual concentration on any uninteresting object in the room. This could be the corner of a bed, a book on a shelf, or a weird wallpaper pattern.
  • The tactile way. When a guy begins to feel that ejaculation is approaching, you need to strongly pinch yourself for some part of the body, or ask the girl to do it.

Knocking down the reflex

When the climax is near, the testicles begin to pull up closer to the body. As soon as the guy notices this nuance, it is necessary to remove the organ in the opposite direction. It is also advisable to stop movements and switch to caressing the partner’s body with your hands or tongue.


The more often you have sex, the better the guy will control his body. For this reason, it is necessary to find a constant partner and enter into intimacy with her at least once a day. If there is no permanent girl, you can practice the same method through masturbation.

Exercising specific body parts

To learn how to control ejaculation when the glans penis is too sensitive, experts recommend mastering the Kegel training method. This gymnastics is aimed at developing the pelvic muscles, which will prolong sex.

Folk remedies for sensitization

White cabbage comes to help with excessive sensitivity. Experts assure that the problem can be solved if you hold a chilled cabbage leaf on the head before sex.

When surgery is needed

If you cannot solve the problem on your own, you will have to seek help from a surgeon. There are 3 methods to decrease the sensitivity of the head:

  • Circumcision.
  • Trimming the tissue holding the foreskin.
  • Working with the nerve endings of the penis.

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