How to reduce the sensitivity of the head at home

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How to reduce the sensitivity of the head at home

A happy relationship of any couple is built from many factors, regular quality sex is one of them. He can bring lovers out of domestic crises, help relieve stress in the middle of everyday work, reconcile after a stupid quarrel. The sensitivity of the glans penis determines the duration of an intimate act.

On average, at the first ejaculation, it is 10-15 minutes, with prolonged abstinence (a week or more), a period of 5-6 is possible, but not less than these figures. If each subsequent sexual intercourse lasts below the norm in time, there is definitely a problem.

Many men do not betray the importance of fleeting sex, explaining the situation with fatigue, stress, abstinence, which may not be. Meanwhile, personal relationships are deteriorating, the problem caused by the disease is growing, the situation is turning into a snowball.

In adolescence, accelerated ejaculation is often associated with high testosterone levels, hormonal storms, but if the situation persists in the process of growing up and the head is very sensitive, we can talk about a confirmed problem.

Reasons for high sensitivity

The main trigger that triggers ejaculation is irritation of the head of the penis and its sensitivity. The more acutely the nerve endings perceive the impact of the partner, the faster the excitation and release of sperm occurs.

The reasons for the excessive reaction of the penis can be:

  • Congenital, when the situation is explained by the peculiarity of the structure of the male penis, nerve endings, in particular.
  • Acquired – the consequences of diseases of the pelvic organs or the penis.

In the case of congenital anomalies, the situation does not go away over time, does not depend on the number of sexual intercourses, and requires mandatory medical correction.

Acquired causes that affect the rate of ejaculation include internal processes in the pelvis:

  • Prostatitis, which causes inflammation of the prostate, an increase in its size, overflow with secretion, worsens the flow of blood, seminal fluid;
  • Libido may disappear with it, and the quality of erection may decrease.
  • Urethritis, giving pain or discomfort, reduces erection, gives complications to other parts of the pelvis;
  • The most common complication of these diseases is colliculitis , which is inflammation of the seminal tubercle, which is responsible for the regulation of sperm ejection.

With a complicated form of colliculitis , weakening or disappearance of erection, its weakness, instability, blurry, fast, even painful orgasm is possible. It is treated with antibiotics, washing the urethra with antiseptics, cauterization with silver or collargol.

Skin diseases that give complications directly to the sensitivity of the head:

  • Balanitis – inflammation of the skin of the head of the penis. Typical symptoms are pain, itching, redness.
  • Balanoposthitis – the skin outside the head suffers.
  • Phimosis / paraphimosis. Difficulty or impossibility of exposure due to narrowing of the foreskin (penis frenulum).

The introduction of the penis with such diagnoses into the vagina is difficult, causes pain, discomfort.

These skin diseases provoke:

  • In the first two cases, allergic or microbial lesions of the head and skin around the perimeter of the penis. Occur due to infection on the body.
  • In the case of phimosis, it is difficult to open the head due to the narrowing of the foreskin. Excessive pressure on the nerve endings makes sex transient, and the process itself is painful, difficult to perform.
  1. In the treatment of diseases, baths with antiseptic solutions, ointments and gels of the same scope are effective.
  2. In severe cases, broad-spectrum antibiotics with antifungal drugs are prescribed.
  3. With phimosis or paraphimosis, circumcision is indicated.

SOS remedies – how to delay ejaculation

If the problem is not solved, but you need not lose face in front of your partner, there are remedies that do not cure, but stop.

  • The most effective, effective drug that can be compared in importance with PDE-5 inhibitors ( sildenafil , tadalafil , vardenafil ) is Dapoxetine . The drug can be bought at any pharmacy, it is an antidepressant with an isolated effect on dopamine receptors. It was developed for other purposes, but in the process of clinical trials, a side effect was discovered that slows down too fast ejaculation. Other actions were insufficient in comparison with analogues.
  • In combination with erection stimulants, the effect is enhanced. However, it happens that many patients note lethargy, headaches, apathy or indifference in the process.

Side effects of drugs are strong, they should be used in minimal dosages after consultation with a specialist.

What to do?

It is possible to reduce the sensitivity of the head at home without drugs and interventions, if the problem is not an infectious disease or a congenital pathology. Psychology, self-control, physical exercises will come to the rescue. Feedback and support from the girl is important.

Get distracted!

Sex is closely related to the psycho-emotional component, any factors provoking strong arousal will increase erection and accelerate ejaculation. To stretch out sexual intercourse, one must dull the excitement, try to maintain an erection, thinking about things far from sex. This deprives you of pleasure, but in an emergency you can use it.

Avoid watching pornography or material that overburdens your head. You need to focus on the partner, the desires of a loved one. You should create a romantic calm atmosphere for both, first remove the excitement.

With a quick first orgasm, oral caresses or partner touches can help. If the first time happened quickly, there is no problem in “warming up” the evening with a blowjob.

Hold your breath!

  • Breathing exercises in yoga, sports help to overcome excessive excitement, nervous tension and stress. Sex physiologically is a load with a powerful psycho-emotional response, holding your breath and its measured rhythm will delay the finish line. Try to act measuredly, without bringing your heart rate and breathing to the limit.

A deep breath and a measured exhalation is something that can soothe, postpone an orgasm.

  • Regular intercourse is important. With loneliness, long abstinence, no wet dreams or masturbation, the amount of prostate secretion and sperm increases greatly, abundant ejaculation is achieved very quickly, no matter how the man restrains himself.

Desensitize with a condom

Known contraceptives will help to reduce the sensitivity of the head.

Condoms can be divided into two types:

  • Cooling – in this form, “rubber product No. 2” is accompanied by anesthetics: benzocaine or lidocaine.
  • Dense – the name itself speaks for itself. Reduces friction against the walls of the vagina and delays orgasm. There are several degrees of density to choose from.

Head attachments

If the sensitive head is uncomfortable, try mechanical penis attachments:

  • Sold in any store for adults, selected by size, will help you get new sensations for your partner and prolong sex.
  • You can use a ring that is put on the base of an erect penis – it delays ejaculation, keeps an erection. You can not wear it for more than half an hour, because. pinching the body leads to irreversible consequences.

Desensitizing pills

In addition to Dapoxetine , a slight prolongation of intimacy is given by:

  • Any psychotropic substances from a number of antidepressants. Use strictly as directed by your doctor. Not sold without a prescription.
  • Papaverine. Sold in tablets or suppositories. It has a hypotensive, antispasmodic effect.
  • Antispasmodics Noshpa , Spazmolgon , others. Relax muscles without lowering blood pressure.
  • – sildenafil , vardanafil , tadalafil . They can prolong sex for a short time due to a strong blood flow.
  • B vitamins – tablets or injections. The drugs will improve metabolism and the functioning of the nervous system, indirectly affecting ejaculation. Well-known trademarks: Milgama (ampoules), Carbopinem , Neuromultivit
  • Alpha blockers. Usually used for chronic prostatitis or adenoma. Reduce muscle tension, increase erection, delay orgasm. As a side effect, tachycardia, allergic reactions, aspermia are possible . They cause relaxation of the muscles of the pelvic floor and the bladder, the effect goes to the entire structure, the sperm can not be thrown out, but into the bladder. Side effects on seminal fluid are not dangerous to health. Do not use in conjunction with PDE-5 inhibitors.

Creams or sprays

  • Any containing anesthetic lidocaine, products sold both in pharmacies and in sex shops will help. Regular lidocaine spray will cost significantly less than the same or a lubricant from a well-known manufacturer that adds colors, flavors and flavors for marketing purposes.

How folk remedies can help

In the presence of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs or the outer cover of the penis, you should not rely on traditional medicine, but there are several recommendations.

What can you drink

  • As an auxiliary and psychological help, drink ginseng tea in the morning, which gives a tonic effect;
  • with mint in the evening – this product has the opposite effect, soothing and relaxing.

What to spread

  • In the absence of allergic reactions, you can anoint the penis with toothpaste or ointment for burns – the anesthetic properties of the drugs are guaranteed to help reduce the sensitivity of the head, and the chill below will distract psychologically. Due to the quick addiction to the components, it is not worth applying them too often.

Will surgery help?

When conservative methods of treatment are ineffective, heavy artillery comes to the rescue in the form of surgery.

Circumcision – yes or no?

” Circumcision ” definitely has a positive effect:

  • firstly, on the hygiene of the penis – a person will no longer accumulate smegma under the foreskin.
  • Secondly, plastic surgery of the skin will definitely reduce the sensitivity of the penis. The head will regularly come into contact with underwear, it will become coarser and it will take at least twice as long to reach orgasm.
  • During the operation, local anesthesia is used.

There is both a classic operation and with the help of a laser (during the recovery period, it practically does not hurt, but the procedure is more expensive).

Are there other methods?

head denervation

If even circumcision does not help, and there are no internal causes, then the patient is shown denervation of the glans penis.

  • During the operation, which can be minimally invasive, if the process passes over a small part of the fibers (about 40-50 percent), the nerve endings of the organ are surgically affected, reducing the sensitivity of the head. An anesthetic injection is given first.
  • Sensitivity is restored approximately 6-8 months after the operation. During this time, a man develops and consolidates normal sensations and the duration of sexual intercourse.

Hyaluronic acid injections

  • The patient is injected directly into the frenulum of the penis – thus, sensitivity is weakened at the injection site, the penis receives additional volume. Acid will be absorbed within six months. If necessary, you can do repeated injections, up to the onset of the desired effect.
  • This is a new technique, full of positive reviews on urological forums.

Tips just in case

can positively influence the situation

Correct postures

It is necessary to choose those positions in which the friction will be as long as possible, and the excitation from the partner is not the limit. Each man can choose such a position individually. For men who have a very sensitive penis head, missionary is recommended as the most calm and accessible to everyone.

Accurate movement and rhythm

  • You should not choose a fast pace, learn to please yourself and your partner with deep and long movements. The more measured and rigid the movements are, the longer and more passionate the sex will be.
  • When approaching orgasm, ask your partner to pinch, slap, bite (not hard!) you, pull your scrotum down – this will distract you and prolong the process, without serious loss of erection.

How can Kegel help?

American gynecologist Arnold Kegel developed a set of exercises for women back in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century. Frequent complications after childbirth, inflammatory diseases were urinary incontinence and violations of the tone of the muscular wall of the vagina. But since the body of a man and a woman works in much the same way, it turned out that the exercises are suitable for the stronger sex.

  • To understand what the point is, you just need to tighten the muscle that holds back urination.
  • The sphincter that controls the anus also functions. With the contraction of these muscles, a strong blood flow occurs, and muscle tone improves. Roughly speaking, the muscle swings, as when exercising in the gym, but remains in its volume. The principle of operation is the same.
  • In the small pelvis, all components are closely related, when performing a set of exercises, patients notice a positive effect that has been appearing for a month of training.
  • Exercises are available anywhere (work, home, public transport), at a convenient time. Contraindication – exacerbation of prostate adenoma acute prostatitis, complications of chronic. After stopping the symptoms, exercises can be done with these diseases.

The training process can take place both in a calm state, and with an erection sufficient to hold the penis.

  • While in any comfortable position, hold the muscle for 1-2 seconds, as if you are holding back the flow of urine. Do 20-25 repetitions in 3 sets, with a minute break. Start with 3-4 sets per day. Gradually increase the approaches, but do not do more than 7-8 per day.
  • The same principle with the anus muscle. The same number of approaches and training scheme. You can combine approaches with the previous exercise, you can alternate by day of the week. Depends on the experience of the patient.

Performing exercises on an erect penis, you can achieve serious success in self-control, achieve a more stable erection and strong ejaculation. You can add a small towel as a weight. But don’t overdo it! With moderate training, an increase in sexual power awaits you, overtraining will lead to the opposite effect.

  • Walking on the floor on the buttocks. You need to sit down, fold your legs “in Turkish” and start moving with the help of the fifth point. Try this exercise for a period of 5 minutes, bring the result to 15 and 20. Combine with squats (without weights), brisk walking, leg raises to the body.

You can learn more about the technique and exercises in the video instructions.

Remember, Kegel exercises will not reduce the sensitivity of the head, but will increase your ability to control the situation, holding back the upcoming orgasm and ejaculation.

What not to do

  • To abuse alcohol, it does not carry anything but a negative effect on blood vessels and testosterone levels. Yes, due to paralysis of the nervous system, intoxicating drinks will delay orgasm, but they can completely leave a man without an erection at the right time.
  • Do not self-medicate, attempt to injure yourself, or use psychotropic substances without consulting a doctor.
  • Do not rely only on the so-called “folk medicine”. In intimate matters, the “recipes of the peoples of the Far North”, such as applying ice to the penis, are ineffective.

Iodine and craftsmen

  • On the Internet, it is often recommended to smear the genitals with iodine, but you should warn patients – this is a bad way! Iodine must be strongly diluted with water. A slight burn is still guaranteed, because. the necessary concentration of a substance to reduce sensitivity is impossible, paradox, with strong dilution!
  • Any drugs that can cause burns, pain and just make a fool of you are most likely described as a recommendation for the sake of a cruel joke. You should not believe all the advice of “crazy helpers”, no matter how difficult the situation is.

Sedative pills

  • A large number of psychotropic drugs can indirectly delay ejaculation, but as a side effect, you can get a weak erection, fatigue and apathy, and under such conditions, sex is basically impossible! Outdated drugs such as Seduxen or Haloperidol will definitely weaken potency.
  • Lighter preparations containing, for example, phenobarbital, are not only addictive, but also inhibit the body, cause drowsiness and adversely affect the quality of erection.

With uncontrolled and prolonged use, a serious drop in libido and impotence (both temporary and permanent) is possible.

And if the head is not sensitive enough?

The reverse situation can be frequent for a number of reasons:

  • When circumcised as a child
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Diabetes
  • After suffering penis skin diseases that affect the production of lubrication and structure – balanoposthitis and its varieties
  • Excessive use of antidepressants and sedatives
  • Running phimosis, which can both slow down and speed up ejaculation
  • Lack of hygiene or too frequent bath procedures dry out the head, disrupt the level of necessary microflora, and can reduce the sensitivity of the penis. Only hormonal ointments will help restore the normal reaction of the organ, it will be necessary to restore the mucous membrane within 1-3 months.
  • Depression and hormonal disorders adversely affect the entire body, can weaken the erection, libido , reduce the sensitivity of the head.

Solving the main problem will close the weak sensitivity. In the case of circumcision, psychological effects will help increase excitability – caresses and tricks of a partner), lubricants, gels and lotions.

The use of a vacuum pump, folk remedies, stimulants and warming ointments is inappropriate and will not increase the sensitivity of the head.

What do doctors say about high and low sensitivity?

The problem of hypo – and hypersensitivity is not far-fetched. There are generally accepted norms for the duration of sexual intimacy, described both in scientific and popular literature.

There is nothing shameful in seeing a doctor, lowering or increasing the sensitivity of the head. The problem does not make a person inferior, and with the current development of technology, is not impossible.

As a preventative measure, the following are shown:

  • Sports, especially strength training, increase testosterone and improve blood flow.
  • Proper nutrition, rejection of bad habits.
  • Regular sex with a regular partner.
  • Scheduled visits to the urologist once a year.
  • Compliance with the hygiene of the genital organs.
  • If necessary, the use of contraceptives, lubricants and medications agreed with the attending physician.


If the situation is caused by diseases or congenital pathology, then self-medication will not help – you will spend time, money, but you will not get a result.

Don’t skimp on health! Contact qualified professionals. Remember: “The miser pays twice, the stupid pays three times, the stupid pays all the time.”

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