Vagina dimensions: truth and myths

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Vagina dimensions: truth and myths

Size matters – this saying is relevant not only for men, but also for women. So, at the end of the 19th century, scientists began research on the depth of the vagina and the length of the reproductive organ, as well as their physiological compatibility.

As a result, a classification was formed, confirming that the body of a girl is capable of accommodating the penis of far from every guy, and the main types of compatibility of the genital organs in size were identified.

Compatibility types

Satisfaction in bed is the key to a long and harmonious relationship for any couple. But often the sensations received from sex are far from desired, which leads to resentment, disappointment and subsequent separation.

The guy and the girl blame each other for the breakup, citing the terrible nature of the partner or the partner’s misbehavior, not even realizing that the real reason lies in the fact that their genitals are anatomically incompatible.

Scientists distinguish three types of sexual incompatibility:

  • physiological;
  • psychological;
  • psychophysiological.


Quite rarely diagnosed incompatibility, whose causes are due to:

  • appearance;
  • clothing style;
  • manners;
  • household skills;
  • character traits, etc.

It usually occurs in couples whose relationship exists “by calculation”, when the partners do not have mutual sympathy and they need to get used to each other due to life circumstances.


It occurs in 88% of cases and is due to the size of the genital organs of men and women. Such partners are physiologically incapable of delivering sexual satisfaction to each other, which leads to a break in relations. The way out of the situation is to look for positions and ways to give intimate pleasure, if the feelings of lovers are strong and there is no desire to part.


Occurs in less than 1% of cases, tk. includes a whole range of problems, both in sex (physiological mismatch of the genital organs) and in human relations (quarrels, unwillingness to concede, mutual insults and insults).

In such a couple, one or both partners remain unsatisfied, which leads to a severe break with mutual resentment.

Dimensions and Compatibility

According to the incompatibility table L.L. Jacobson, only two sizes are considered incompatible:

  • a small penis with a large or medium size vagina;
  • very small penis and any vaginal depth.

Compatibility in certain positions can be achieved by couples whose penis length and vagina size meet the following criteria:

  • big – big;
  • medium – medium and very large;
  • small – small.

Partial satisfaction or pleasure, available only to one of the partners, is observed with:

  • a very small penis and a small vagina;
  • small penis and middle bosom of a woman;
  • the average size of the genital organ and the very large depth of the vagina.

Absolute incompatibility is observed in couples where the man has a very large organ, and the depth and length of the woman’s vagina are very small: full sex in this situation is impossible, and the guy’s attempts to penetrate the partner’s body are doomed to tissue ruptures, pain and other injuries.

Discomfort and pain are also felt by a man who is trying to get into a too narrow “passage”.

Vaginal depth and quality intimate life

Studying what size phallus the girl’s body is capable of accepting, scientists relied on the width of the vagina, not taking into account the importance of such a parameter as depth. Only at the beginning of the 21st century were new data introduced into the created by L.L. Jacobson compatibility table.

Like the penis, a woman’s womb is able to change its size when sexual arousal occurs. In a calm state, the length from the entrance to the cervical canal, which closes the entrance to the uterus, is 8-10 cm. The rush of blood due to excitement leads to:

  • elongation of the vagina by 3-5 cm;
  • lifting the uterus up a little.

Reducing the size of the vagina contribute to:

  • neoplasms of a different nature;
  • inflammatory processes of the small pelvis;
  • infectious diseases;
  • deformation of the genital organs, incl. congenital.

The same factors can influence the increase in size during sexual arousal, i.e. do not allow it to expand and lengthen.

Another important factor is the build of the girl. So, in thin women with small stature, displacement of the uterus by more than 2-3 cm is rare, so their vagina can be wide, but short. Accordingly, it is able to accommodate a large penis, but will not accept a long one. Much depends on the mood of the partner: appeasement helps to relax and lengthen the muscles, psychological discomfort – tightness and narrowing, which will make it difficult to introduce a phallus of an inappropriate size.

A problem for many couples is the large vagina of a woman with a small penis. In such a situation, men should make more efforts to achieve an orgasm for both, choose suitable positions, increase the frequency and depth of frictions .

But this is not always the right decision: the sensitivity of the vagina is preserved only on the first five centimeters from the entrance to it. Therefore, with a small penis, guys should focus on this segment, and not try to penetrate as deep and as far as possible.

How does the vagina change with age?

The woman’s vagina is a component of the reproductive system and birth canal, so any changes in a girl’s life affect its size. So, to reduce the depth and volume contribute to:

  • birth of children;
  • artificial termination of pregnancy surgically;
  • lack of intimate life.

In the first two cases, the prolapse of the uterus occurs, in the latter – atrophy of the muscles of the vagina. It is possible to correct the situation:

  • performing special gymnastic exercises;
  • hormone therapy;
  • surgical intervention.

Special treatment can be prescribed only by a gynecologist after a comprehensive examination and obtaining the results of the necessary tests.

With regular conduct of an intimate life with one partner, the genitals of a woman adapt to the size of his genital organ, “vaginal accommodation” occurs. According to medical data, there have been cases when even a small and narrow girl’s vagina increased to a rather impressive size of the partner’s phallus.

What to do in case of incompatibility?

Many couples ask themselves: what to do if the couple’s feelings are strong, but there is a physiological incompatibility of the intimate organs? Parting is not the best way out of the situation, because. many of them have solutions. They were developed by medical scientists and presented in the form of specialized techniques for women:

  • intimate gymnastics (includes two complexes for a narrow and wide bosom);
  • the use of restrictor rings that do not allow the penis to go deeper than the intended limit (ideal for girls with a short vagina and guys with a long penis);
  • nozzles on the genitals (will allow you to diversify sexual relations and become a lifesaver for couples where the guy has a short or narrow penis, and the girl has a wide and deep vagina).

A more radical option is plastic surgery to change the parameters of intimate organs. With its help, the couple will be able to “adjust” the penis or vagina to sizes that are convenient for both partners. For women, the procedure has practically no side effects, it allows you to both reduce and increase the depth and width of the vagina. Colporrhaphy – this is the name of the operation to reduce the volume of the vagina, it is recommended to carry out:

  • after the birth of children, especially if the fetus had large parameters;
  • artificial termination of pregnancy;
  • with pathologies that provoked the appearance of scars on the walls of the vagina, its narrowing.

For men, doctors and sexologists recommend:

  • penis thickening procedure ( lipofilling );
  • dissection of the ligaments at the base of the penis (allow you to increase the body by 2-3 cm);
  • injections of hyaluronic acid injected into the skin of the penis (help to increase the tone of the muscles of the penis and their growth);
  • installation of a silicone implant under the skin of the penis ( penile prosthesis );
  • elongation of the phallus by suturing muscular-fascial vascularized tissues around its trunk (autotransplantation);
  • implantation of a biodegradable collagen matrix (modern version of penile prosthesis ).

Alternative medicine

There are folk recipes that help reduce the parameters of the female womb. Their use will be an alternative for girls who do not want to resort to the services of surgeons, but who want to return prenatal parameters or simply make their vagina a little narrower or wider. Like medicines, folk remedies can have side effects, so it is recommended to use them in consultation with a gynecologist.

Gooseberry decoction

For cooking, you need half a glass of gooseberries and 300 ml of cold water. The components are brought to a boil and simmer under the lid for 10 minutes. After allowing to cool to room temperature, filter. Douching is carried out with the resulting liquid 40-60 minutes before the planned sexual contact. The tool allows you to increase muscle tone and make the vagina narrower.

Root decoction

The drug helps to relax muscle tissue, which allows you to stretch the muscles and take in a more voluminous penis. To prepare, you need 2 tablespoons of dried herb (sold in a pharmacy) and a glass of water. The mixture is brought to a boil, boiled over low heat for 10 minutes, filtered and cooled. An hour before intimacy, douching is carried out.

50 ml of cudweed root decoction, taken orally before sex, will help relieve psychological stress. Other medicinal herbs have a similar effect: chamomile, orchid tubers, sorrel, yarrow and wormwood.

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