Little butt plug. Advantages and disadvantages

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Little butt plug. Advantages and disadvantages

Small butt plugs create for beginners. these are models with a diameter of 1-1.5 cm. But is it worth buying this size? It has pros and cons, which are worth knowing in advance.

Why choose small corks?

There are people who are very interested in anal sex, but they are afraid that the experience will be painful. They want to try, but so that there is no discomfort at all.

There are those who have already experienced unpleasant sensations when penetrating the anus, they also want to gradually get used to the subject in the anus. They are afraid of something significant, large, so they look closely at the “kids”.

They create models for beginners for them, they are a little thicker than a finger, even in the widest place. They look harmless, do not cause fear. 

Disappointment from small models

Yes, the introduction of thin cork is painless. But it does not give positive feelings either. No expansion, no fullness.

It is important to understand that the cork is inserted into the body and left in it. She is not a stimulant, not designed for translational movements . And between the sphincters there is a narrow leg, and it is small in almost all models. Therefore, the placement of even a large cork in the body is simple, and the sensations of a large one are many times brighter. A large cork requires more stretching when immersed, but then it is felt much better in the body. It slightly presses on the intestinal wall, it is pleasant and exciting. A small cork very quickly bothers the owner , it seems insufficient, you have to choose a different size. 


Pros of a small butt plug

  • A mini object eliminates fear, helps to understand that anal is not painful.
  • Suitable for men and women.
  • Helps to get used to the sensation of an object in the anus.

Cons of a small butt plug

  • Quickly bored, not used for long.
  • It does not give a feeling of fullness or expansion.
  • It causes insufficient expansion, immersion of the penis after the cork will be painful, since the hole is not stretched enough.

Buying a little butt plug is often not the best solution. Even for the first experiments, it is better to buy a model with a diameter of 3-3.5 cm. These are more tangible sizes that really increase the sensations and possibilities 

What else to look for?

Flexible plugs for beginners are much more convenient, they take the form of a body, adjust. Rigid models are not capable of this, but the sensations from them are brighter. The presence of relief on a submersible surface is a plus. This additionally massages the anus with the introduction, which is nice. The cork material must be non-porous so that it is easy to wash, and the smell is not yet absorbed. 

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