What to do when the vibration is tired? New sex toy features

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What to do when the vibration is tired? New sex toy features

Vibration in sex toys is an interesting feature. But there are times when you want some new sensations. What other influences besides vibration can you choose when buying an intimate device? What stimulation will give the most pleasant sensations when used?

Types of Stimulation

Vibration is the most common type of stimulation when using a sex toy. It can be light or powerful, different in rhythm and speed. But there are alternative influences that give no less impressions:

  • Rotation Incline or rotation of the submersible. 
  • Ripple. Progressive movement of sex toys. 
  • Electrical stimulation. Exposure to light currents. 
  • Vacuum (wave) stimulation. Fluctuations in the air to massage the clitoris. 

What kind of exposure is more interesting? There is no single answer. But often they are combined between failure or complemented by vibration to enhance the range of sensations.

Rotation in sex toys. Who will like it

Rotation is the common name for several different movements. Most often found are:

  • Submersible rotation. With different amplitudes, stimulating internal erogenous zones. 
  • Slopes of sex toys. One way, for example, towards the point G. Imitation of massage with hands. 
  • Moving elements below the surface. Balls under a thin coating, moving up and down or in a circle. For additional exposure. 

Rotation is almost always coupled with vibration. It can be included together or separately.

Electrical stimulation in sex products

Light current discharges cause the muscles to contract. A very pleasant sensation, the muscles contract like an orgasm. And it is precisely this peak of pleasure that brings us closer.

By adjusting the strength of the current, you can give a light sensation, similar to tickling. And if you strengthen the blows, then it will be more like spasms.

It is important to understand that even the greatest power of an electric stimulator for sex is not dangerous to health. All discharges do not cause damage, but only pleasure.

Ripple sex toys

The translational movements of sex toys mimic the movements of the phallus during sex. The similarity of frictions is very familiar and pleasant. At the same time, it is not necessary to hold a sex toy in your hands, it will itself oscillate at the right speed.

With such functions, hands can be free, which is convenient. But there is one caveat – pulsation is rarely connected with other influences, these are individual movements that are worth trying.

Wave stimulation

Often wave stimulation is also called vacuum. With the help of a special membrane, air oscillates, and it is these flows that are directed to the clitoris. This activates the nerve endings not only on the head of the organ, but also inside the body. Stimulation causes a very strong excitement, an orgasm occurs in a few minutes.

Manufacturers of wave stimulants argue that with such sex products, many women who had not received an orgasm before were able to reach a peak of pleasure.

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