Myths and the truth about acne, or Is it possible to cure acne with sex?

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Myths and the truth about acne, or Is it possible to cure acne with sex?

“You can cure acne with the help of sex”, “Get married and everything will pass” – I wonder if sexual contact can actually help get rid of this scourge? Doctors say that this is another myth, and such a folk remedy for acne does not help everyone and not always. However, if the cause of acne that appeared on the skin is a violation of hormonal status (when the level of male hormones rises, this is especially noticeable in adolescents), then an established sexual life can lead to improvement due to the normalization of this status.   

Sweet, spicy and floury increases the likelihood of blackheads.
Doctors still have not found a unanimous opinion on this issue, but now more and more experts are inclined to believe that the food we eat is not the cause of acne, and dieting can not solve this problem. Although in any case, overeating and abuse of sweets can adversely affect the state of the body, and the skin is an indicator of the health of the whole body. It is also believed that in the presence of glucose, bacteria that cause acne reproduce better.

Acne can be cured by cleansing the body.
Slagging of the body is not the cause of acne and acne. The trigger here is heredity or hormonal imbalance in the body. Just competently cleansing the body, followed by the principles of good nutrition, can improve complexion, and, by the way, improve mood!

Acne occurs from external contamination of the skin.
The black dots that appear on the face and body are not dirt that has accumulated in the pores, but sebum that has not come to the surface, which has darkened under the influence of chemical reactions. One cleansing of the skin does not get rid of these plugs. Skin cleansers should be selected taking into account the type and characteristics of the skin, but the frequency of washing should not exceed twice a day. 

Sunlight helps with acne.
Nothing like this. Practicing dermatologists and cosmetologists even have such an expression – autumn exacerbation of acne. The fact is that ultraviolet has the ability to disinfect and therefore really reduces the number of pimples, but only a little and not for long. Due to tanning, the problems that plague acne sufferers such as acne, acne, enlarged pores and uneven pigmentation become less noticeable. But this temporary masking effect is fraught with a further exacerbation of the disease, since high doses of ultraviolet light weaken the local immune defense, increase fat formation and further complicate the rejection of skin flakes in the ducts of the sebaceous glands, thereby causing even more rashes.  

If acne is treated for a long time, then the doctor is bad .
Acne is treated on average 2-3 months, and sometimes longer, all over the world. It depends on the form and severity of the disease. But after completing treatment and improving the condition of the skin, proper care is needed to prevent the occurrence of acne and acne, because the predisposition to their appearance cannot be completely removed.

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