Raising testosterone in men naturally?

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Raising testosterone in men naturally?

The clinical picture of testosterone deficiency depends on age. After forty years, there is a sharp deterioration in sexual activity, a problem with erection. If you ignore such manifestations, impotence and infertility may develop. To prevent such consequences, you need to know how to increase testosterone in men from 40 to 50 years old.  

It is not necessary to resort to taking medications. You can restore normal testosterone levels in the following ways:

  • change in diet;
  • testicular massage;
  • physical activity;
  • ethnoscience.

These measures often help restore the male hormone without the use of any medication. They can be noted as preventive.

Testosterone in the male body

What foods increase testosterone?

With age, malnutrition is much more serious. The body reacts more sharply to lack of nutrients. To increase androgenic testosterone, it is necessary to add certain food groups to the diet:


They are rich in saturated essential fats and are a more valuable source of protein than meat. Oysters are of the greatest value. They contain a lot of zinc, which is needed for testosterone production. This rather expensive product can be replaced with fatty tuna, herring, trout, perch, halibut, salmon, mackerel, sardines. During the month, you need to eat at least 12 servings of fish or oysters.

Important! It is recommended to cook seafood steamed or in the oven, and serve with vegetables. Frying, smoking, salting minimize the usefulness of the product.

Eggs and milk

Testosterone in men

The former help to restore the balance of sex hormones. Vitamin D in cow’s milk, which regulates natural testosterone. The main thing is not to choose a product with a high fat content.

Fruits, berries, vegetables

They perform an auxiliary function, neutralizing the effect of negative substances that enter the body along with other food. Preference should be given to bright fruits. Green vegetables and fruits contain a lot of lutein, which prevents the development of abnormal processes.

Of particular value are cruciferous plants, which remove estrogen from the liver, a substance that reduces testosterone. Broccoli, avocado, pineapple, raisins are good for a man. The use of grapefruit should be avoided as it promotes the formation of estrogen.

Purple and blue fruits contain anto – and proanthocyanidins . They help maintain youth by being antioxidants. Preference should be given to currants, pomegranates, prunes, currants, plums.

It is recommended to eat fruits 2-4 times, and vegetables and herbs 3-5 times a day. There are no restrictions. More is possible. The main thing is to comply with the required minimum.

Important! You can only steam vegetables and fruits. The best option is fresh consumption.

Cereal porridge

Rich in fiber. They help get rid of harmful toxins, extra pounds, and improve the work of peristalsis. This allows you to increase blood circulation in the small pelvis. We are talking about cooked homemade cereals, not purchased instant cereals.

Sweets and nuts

Porridge should be insisted, not boiled over a fire. Cereals should be filled with water at a temperature of 60 degrees. You must eat this dish every day. It is not recommended to add butter, sweeteners.

Sweets and nuts

Dark chocolate will be a healthy dessert. It improves mood, increases testosterone. Nuts are high in zinc. The most valuable are the Brazilian ones, rich in magnesium, which is essential to maintain good potency. The alternative would be walnut. If you consume the nucleoli daily, you can achieve excellent results in no time.


Essential to weaken the effects of estrogen. The only spice you shouldn’t get carried away is salt. The diet should include curry, red pepper, turmeric, cardamom, garlic.

Important! Sunflower oil should be replaced with olive or sesame oil. 

Physical activity

According to an article in the authoritative journal Sports Medicine , written by American professor William Kremer, testosterone rises within half an hour after strength training. A detailed workout guide for men was provided by fitness expert Brad Schönefeld. He devoted a whole scientific work to the issue of raising anabolic hormones through physical activity.

The main components of physical training to increase testosterone are:

  • polyarticular exercise;
  • number of approaches – at least 4;
  • the number of repetitions is from 6 to 12;
  • rest intervals – 1-1.5 minutes;
  • average pace with lowering weights for 2-4 seconds.

The duration of the lesson should not be more than 60 minutes. You can’t train to failure.

Physical activity in men

Testicular massage

Negative factors lead to stagnant processes in the testicles. This negatively affects erection, potency, testosterone, semen production. To remove the negative effect, experts advise resorting to massage. The method is used in the treatment of infertility, urethritis, prostatitis, varicocele .


First you need to thoroughly warm up your scrotum and palms. This is an important condition that must be observed. You can use a warm towel or water. A man needs to relax and take a lying position. Go to the direct procedure:

Testicular massage to raise testosterone levels in men

  1. The scrotum is grasped with both hands. The fingers should be brought together on the genitals.
  2. Smooth the skin of the penis from top to bottom with thumbs. Repeat the same manipulations, but from the center to the sides.
  3. Without changing the position of the hands, they grab and pull the skin forward a little. The intensity is increased gradually.
  4. Raise the penis up, pressing on the testicles with the middle finger of the free hand.
  5. The base of the penis is grasped in the ring of fingers, pulling the textiles (testicles) up, taking the pelvis to the side. A similar manipulation is performed, but in a downward direction.
  6. Pull the skin of the scrotum, grasp its base with your fingers. They squeeze the fingers, moving upward, as if “pushing” the testicles down. When isolated, they are massaged well.
  7. The palms squeeze the top of the scrotum, making circular movements. In this case, the scrotum should descend.

The duration of a good testicular massage is 3 to 5 minutes. Slight discomfort is normal, but pain is unacceptable. If they arise, the procedure should be abandoned.

Important! Massage should not be done for genital tuberculosis, epididymitis, hemorrhoids, acute cystitis, testicular injuries.

Folk remedies

Many recipes of traditional (alternative) medicine help to increase testosterone. The products are absolutely safe and easy to prepare at home.

Traditional methods of raising testosterone levels

The following medicinal herbs and plants have the greatest effect.

  • Mountain girl . A glass is poured into 15 g of a dry plant, kept in a water bath for about a quarter of an hour, insisted for 120 minutes, filtered. Take a teaspoon three times a day.
  • Tribulus . The second name of the plant is creeping tribulus, which can often be seen in dietary supplements to increase potency. A tablespoon of the dry component is poured with water, kept in a water bath for about 15 minutes, insisted for 8 hours. Take for months ½ glass before each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). 
  • Beaver jet . To raise testosterone, you need to take a tincture based on a liter of vodka and 200 g of glands, which are kept for a month, a teaspoon 3 to 4 times daily before meals (20 minutes). The duration of the course is 60 days.
  • Nettle . 500 ml of vodka is poured into a tablespoon of dry crushed plant root and left for 3 weeks. The finished product is taken 20 drops before bedtime.
  • Garlic . Crushed cloves (400 g) are poured with alcohol (0.7 l), kept for a week, filtered. Take a teaspoon twice a day.
  • Ginger . A small root (3-4 cm) is finely chopped and infused with vodka for about 3 weeks. The components are taken in a ratio of 1 to 10. They drink 15-20 drops during meals. You can brew tea from the root.
  • Turmeric . Dissolve half a teaspoon of the seasoning in a glass of water. Add honey, lemon juice and drink. Take no more than 1 time per day.

How else to increase testosterone in men after 40 in natural ways? You need to look closely at the waste products of bees. They contain a huge amount of substances that raise the male hormone and potency well. This is drone brood and royal milk. Both products are sold at the pharmacy.

Erotic massage

Erotic massage will also help to increase the level of the main male hormone. With the right effect on the male body, blood circulation in the pelvic area improves, which has a beneficial effect on potency, and therefore on testosterone hanging.

Erotic massage does not imply pinching or sharp movements; on the contrary, soft and gentle touches are the basis of any technique. Masseuses work out every part of the body with high quality, allowing men to dissolve in sensations and reveal their sexual potential to the maximum.

It has been proven that regular sessions of erotic massage contribute not only to improving the quality of intimate life, but also:

  • Normalize the vas deferens;
  • Get rid of stagnant processes;
  • Increase the duration of intercourse;
  • They activate all erogenous points on the body. 

Testosterone boosting drugs

The first signs of sexual dysfunction begin to appear after 35 and become more pronounced by the age of 40. The decreasing production of the male hormone with age is inevitable. Physical activity, traditional medicine, dietary changes are not always enough.

Preparations of modern medicine to raise testosterone

To quickly restore testosterone, some men need to take special medications. Effective does not mean harmful. The composition should not contain anything that can have a negative impact on other body functions.

The following funds are considered the most effective:

  • Pills . They have a systemic and prolonged action with constant use. Recommended drugs: Methyltestosterone and Undecanoate . Prescribed by a doctor. Should not be taken alone or uncontrollably.
  • Capsules . The membrane dissolves and the active substances enter the bloodstream from the digestive organs. The best are Andriol and Terrestris .
  • Dietary supplements . Dosages must be selected by a specialist. An alternative is to follow the instructions from the manufacturer, but each case is individual, and it is better not to neglect the help of a doctor. Experts advise taking Parity and Cyclo bolan .
  • Vitamins . They complement the main therapy, enhancing the effects of the drugs taken. The best vitamin complexes are Arimatest and Arnebia ( multivitamin ).

External drugs deserve special attention. The effect is felt quickly, which allows for an active sex life. Among the ointments, Testim and Espol are distinguished . Both are sold over the counter and can be ordered online. Gels have a minimum of side effects and contraindications. Testosterone and Androgel are considered the best .

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