Random sex. What to consider?

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Random sex. What to consider?

Unfortunately, or maybe not, we do not always have sex with those we love. Sometimes we are quite willing to spend the night with a person with whom we would never spend the whole day with. What is the matter?  

Yes, that we can sincerely want someone, while not wanting to have a serious relationship with him. Sometimes ordinary (or extraordinary) sex without romance is all we need. If this is about you, then know that in such sex you may encounter certain difficulties that you may have to discuss with your partner. 

If you just want sex, do I have to say something before bed? Actually, it’s worth, of course, if only to find out the thoughts and expectations of a potential partner in this regard. You can simply say: “I don’t want to hide, but I just broke up (broke up) with my girlfriend (boyfriend), I don’t want a serious relationship now, but you’re just super and I don’t mind being in bed with you, but nothing more … ” , Etc. If, after all this, you end up in bed – fine, you both know the alignment. 

Who to go after a date?
If you are a girl – do not let the first person you drive take the devil where you are, even if you are determined to have sex with him. It is absolutely imprudent to trust your freedom to the person you know for a couple of hours. If nevertheless the breeding instinct has won, call someone from your friends, tell where you are going, ask them to call back after some time. If you are a man, then for you this obviously does not matter. Although the cases are different.  

I do not want to stay overnight, how do I leave?
Offer to drink “for the road”, tea, coffee – this is a way to lead to the thought of leaving. While drinks are being prepared, you can get up and get dressed, then go to the kitchen or the living room. If you are asked to stay, say that you have to go to work tomorrow and you just need to get enough sleep, and you cannot fall asleep if someone else is in bed. You can recall the story of a recently broken relationship (it hurts to be together in bed , etc.).  

What if I want to meet again for sex, but without any promises?
If you did not hide your intentions from the very beginning, then you just have to call and remind yourself. If you left a person with a good impression, then the chances are good to meet again. If they were hiding, then the chances are much lower. Therefore, try never to deceive your partners, even random ones, and not “use” them in an open form, otherwise the same thing can happen to you.  

We are the best friends, we both lack sex. Maybe we should sleep with each other while we are free? Great idea, or hopelessly stupid. It all depends on the presence of hidden motives and whether you can share love and sex. In the end, you can then stop talking at all, maybe friendship is more precious to you? Sleeping with someone regularly and not gaining emotional attachment is incredibly difficult. If you already like a person as a friend, and here you also have excellent sex, then it is quite logical to become a full-fledged couple. By the way, many do so. 

Do my partners need to know that I have more than one lover? It is absolutely necessary – this is called honesty, it has already been said above. It’s also practically the only way to avoid troubles such as “used”, “betrayed”, “dynamo” , etc. You promised nothing to anyone by and large, but if they demand (or offer) more from you than you want, all in your hands. 

Our connection is over, but I want us to remain friends.
An interesting fact – many former lovers are connected by a very special, almost reverent friendship. However, this does not occur if one of the partners is still in love with the other, if both partners have ceased to trust each other (for example, because of treason), or if the breakup has occurred with a scandal. You can remain friends if you have disagreed. But! If one of the partners secretly hopes that friendship will return to its former location, it will only get worse. As a rule, this rarely happens. 

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