What does a woman want?

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What does a woman want?

It so happened that I have many friends of men. Some are married, others are divorced and in a new search, third are single and in an eternal search. So, the second and third type often ask me the same question: “What does a woman want?” Even the film did not help them with Gibson’s paw. You see , they cannot understand what we want.  

Nothing is easier: Money. Sex. And the children.

Yes. Yes. Yes men. It’s that simple. And do not blame and say that you knew that. Of course. Money, why not? We need them. Yes, and you too. You want to eat, here we try to please you sometimes not only with sausages, but also with delicacies. We go to the restaurant with you, to these very delicacies. We also want to dress you more decent men. Is it nice for you when a clean little fresh shirt is hanging on a chair, and not an old washed shirt? That’s just the same. Again , with pleasure in shopping, we will rush around with you and take a look at ourselves, so that you, dear men, will free you from thoughts, what should we give us.      

And in the evening you can do your personal life. After all, sex is doubly more pleasant when new lace underwear is scattered throughout the apartment. Yes, and I want children. Nature is all the same. Children are something! What without them? Or who we are without them. No, probably still. What. A woman without children is like a flower without aroma. You can’t deprive us of this, no way. We will cease to be like a woman. So. Tumbler. Doll.   

No, no, dear men, do not think that everyone is so cynical. Of course not. There are options. For example, sex, money, children. But money ahead! And maybe so: children, sex … Although no, it cannot. Children still after sex. A common option, sex, children, money. Well, that’s all clear. Met. Got married. Wedding nights. Children. And then the wife to her husband: “Where is the money?”

Just do not, dear ladies, say that “you are not like that.” What? Did you remember about happiness, health, success in work? Well then. Happiness? But is money, sex, children – this is not happiness? This is happiness, and even what !!! Everyone would be so!   

Health? So it is either there or not. And if there is money, then you can correct it, but if there is none , then usually you don’t remember about it. Success in work? So this is money. What is your success without reward? Or do you have enough diploma?  

Oh, I hear, romantic natures are not extinct! Wow! Good luck! But is it good luck when you have money, good sex, and children? So she is here, darling. Where without her?  

What i hear Love? Oh yes … Love! And what about love. She is always there. She is like the weather – always here and always with us. Love will warm you with warmth, then it will hit in the face with a hail, or it will beckon you with a soft breeze, and sometimes it will hug you with leaf fall and weep sobily, sobbily, heartily. 

And sometimes he walks, wanders on the heels, but you don’t even notice her. She stands, poor, waiting, and you all pass by. It happens that he lives near and sleeps next to you, and you have zero emotions on her . And then he spits on you and leaves, and you, having felt her disappearance, tear your hair, bite your elbows, shout “Come back!” … 

She will return, don’t worry – she won’t go far from you, she’s only assigned to you. There he is now standing behind you, his tongue is showing me. 

 – Come to me, talk. Jump to me, love. Do not want? He doesn’t want, he says. I hid behind your back. Flirting. Wow, prankster. Minx. Well, it will be, it will be for you. I have my own Love … I really can’t find it in any way, rolled up, or what ? Or she hid, had not seen for a long time, sits, probably giggles, but her nose does not show. Mocks me. But I definitely know somewhere nearby, I feel it. I’ll go and look. 

And don’t ask me more what women want.

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