School of erotica. How to love beautifully?

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School of erotica. How to love beautifully?

This series of articles from the series “School of Erotica” was born by chance. Suffered and experienced. Each of us refers to the sensual, erotic side of the relationship between Woman and Man in our own way. And here a huge role is played by sexual education in the family, in society. As you remember, “there was no sex in the USSR.” The random phrase, which was made by a spectator who was present at the talk show with Vladimir Pozner (then it was a teleconference from the USA), became the hallmark of sexual unculture, suppressing the problem.

The fetters of communist lawlessness collapsed. But only in the political system, not in the minds and souls of people. It will take many decades to remove all the remnants of the soviet reality. Including competent education of relations. The shackles collapsed, proclaimed democracy, and after an era of continuous prohibitions, people tasted the taste of freedom. And set off in all serious ways. And together with tolerant, cultural education of delicate and beautiful actions in a relationship of two, permissiveness poured with all the attributes of kitsch and servitude. Pornography has filled the screens and the Internet. Near-literary verses and erotic novels appeared. All this, of course, could not form the correct and confident behavior.

Who taught us to love beautifully? With dignity, self-esteem and respect of the partner, without complaints and scandals. Who taught to love masterly? Skillfully, gently, passionately … Who taught to give pleasure and receive it yourself? The Kama Sutra? It is only schoolchildren who can decide that by reading this Indian treatise of love, they will become virtuosos of eroticism and stars of bed victories.

So what you need to know and be able to in the first place? The most important thing is to understand yourself and your body. Now in print and from screens long-legged beauties are looking at us. Do as I do! But not everyone gave nature such parameters. And everyone wants to be happy. And they have every right to it upon the fact of birth. So, you do not need to take these TV divs as a standard of beauty. And try to understand your body, understand all his desires. And find ways to implement them. Do not prohibit, do not suppress nature in yourself. And look for beautiful ways of love. And, of course, understand the desires of a partner. After all, it is for you two to play the Love melody on the instruments of their bodies.  

Next – be able to excite your partner and get excited herself. There are countless tricks and techniques for this. He who seeks will always find. Boldly seize them and look only for your path, your methods. The arsenal of sexual aids is huge. From numerous sex toys to sounds and smells. From erotic lingerie to beautiful dance.  

Love is beautiful – love is safe. And this is also important – naturally, naturally, to protect your sex. Without awkwardness and misery.  

There are a lot of components in this game. Sometimes it’s not enough to take possession of them all. But to strive for diversity and pleasure with the same partner all your long life – isn’t that what many women dream of?   

I have been conducting the training “I am a Woman” for several years . My listeners told me rather sad stories of their lives. What is only such a fact worth – more than half of them have never experienced an orgasm! Never in my life! Many do not even believe that this happens at all. And this is not the ineptitude of their men, this is the infantility of themselves. Closure, enslavement. Complexes. Think about sex as an organism’s need, like eating and drinking. Why do we voluntarily take away this part of the pleasures? Why is it often that many women perceive sexual contact with a husband as a conjugal duty . Read the last word again. Where is freedom and happiness? Where is beauty and love? When a person owes something to someone , he is already not free. And the chain went: not free – unhappy , etc.           

Now on the Internet there is a lot of advertising of interesting trainings on the development of femininity and sensuality. Step by step in the classroom, students are immersed in the beautiful world of harmonious relations between a Woman and a Man. Know each other. Learn to understand a partner without words. Language of the body. The language of sounds. The language of smells. A date with your deepest “I”. As a result, a person becomes more free, self-confident, and becomes more successful in other areas of life. This is so natural – everything is one and interconnected.  

Dear friends, ask yourself a question – why do some women remember men all their lives and always strive to return to them, while others do not leave any impressions, sometimes they don’t even remember a name … What helps to grow Love flowers in the garden of memories? As soon as you understand that , you will immediately find the answer to the question how !    

Good luck with your search only for your path to beautiful Love!

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