Why doesn’t vaginal balls work?

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Why doesn’t vaginal balls work?

Many women are sure that vaginal balls do not give results. These findings are related to improper use or incorrect selection. Why such a simulator may not be effective? And why do users differ from gynecologists?

Modern doctors conduct a lot of research. And the results of the experiments suggest that vaginal balls are a great simulator that helps strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. It gives results after two to three weeks of use.

But for many women, such a thing is simply gathering dust on a shelf. Why do vaginal balls not work for them? There are five main reasons.

1. Wrong size

If you choose the wrong size of vaginal balls, the effectiveness of their use will be almost invisible. If the balls are very large, they are hardly placed in the body, and the exercises cannot be completed correctly.

Large balls are held in the body by themselves, there is no load on the muscles, which is necessary for pumping. A girl makes minimal efforts or does not apply them at all if the simulator is used for wearing. And this is not true.

If the vaginal balls are too small, this is also bad. A very strong load occurs, which causes former sensations. For beginners, models with a diameter of less than 2 cm are completely unsuitable.

2. Wrong weight

The minimum weight of the balls is 30 g. The maximum can exceed 100 g. And you need to select the weight according to the level of training. After giving birth, you should choose the minimum weight, for those who have not yet given birth, balls up to 50 g are suitable.

Heavy balls are created for those who have been training for a long time. You do not need to immediately choose 80-100 g. With this approach, efficiency will not be higher, but problems may arise.

3. No load increase

Like any muscle in the body, the vaginal need to be strengthened by gradually increasing the load. After 1-2 months with light balls, you need to choose a heavier model. Weight gain is a normal practice, and it is important not to forget about it. Therefore, the purchase of a set of balls is more profitable than the purchase of single balls. A set is a few simulators with different weights, and gradually you need to move on to a heavier one.

You can also change the shape of the balls. For example, abandon the hitch or use not double, but single balls. Such transformations allow you to master more exercises.

4. Irregular training

The effect of the vaginal simulator is noticeable only after a month of training. And he is not pronounced. This is an opportunity to distinguish vaginal muscles from anal ones, and also the first skills of compression of different muscle groups inside the womb. Only after 3-4 months, orgasms become stronger, and the muscles can tightly clasp the penis. And it sometimes takes years to learn penis massage. But women are waiting for quick results, so they drop in the middle of the way.

It’s not enough to do a couple of weeks to strengthen your muscles. It is also important to conduct training at least 2 times a week, and preferably 3-4 times. Regularity and duration are important, but not everyone has the patience for them.

5. Inability to track results

The pelvic floor muscles are visually invisible, and it is not always possible to understand whether there is progress in training. Not realizing her benefits, the woman quits. But there are ways to track the results. Firstly, there are simulators that determine muscle strength, and it’s easy to check with them. They are created for training, and clearly show achievements.

Secondly, there is a simple exercise. Before the first classes, a pencil is inserted into the vagina. And the woman needs to squeeze it with muscles very strongly. And then you need to pull it out. With weak muscles, this will not be difficult. And after 4 months of training, he will be kept very well, and after a year it will be almost impossible to take it out even with a jerk. You can conduct a test at any stage, it takes no more than 2 minutes.

Exercises with vaginal balls help. It really works. But the regularity and proper selection of the simulator is important.

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