Sexual geography: what to expect from lovers of different countries?

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Sexual geography: what to expect from lovers of different countries?

True, we women would like to know: how is “this” with the Spaniard (Englishman, African, etc.)? But traveling around the world in search of adventure is somehow scary and expensive. I will tell you about some of the features of the national love of men from different countries. After all, every nation, every culture has its own love code!

France – compliments, compliments, compliments …

The tactics of a man from romantic France include impeccable gentlemanly behavior! He knows exactly how to look after a lady. All the time before sex, you will hear compliments and unambiguous hints. As soon as you are invited to dinner, you know – this is a prelude, and at the end you will have a sweet dessert in a horizontal position.

But … the French take sex as commonplace. It’s like brushing your teeth for him: every day is important. According to research, French people have sex an average of 151 times a year. But, like brushing your teeth, everything happens quickly, without much stress.

He will be conquered by a chic dress, expensive linen and admiring reviews of his native France. But be careful with him, because you do not want to be in the role of another girlfriend and break your tender heart.

USA – dates, many dates

You can walk in various cereal places for eternity. And he, most likely, will not take the first step. But if you yourself hint at sex, this is where he turns on his instinct. Sex is preferable on the third or fifth date.

Americans spend a lot of time in foreplay. It can be carried over your body for up to 29 minutes. True, if everything is smooth there. Boys from the USA are used to delicate skin. Be careful until you announce to everyone, everyone about your official relationship, he will not be faithful to you (why?), But he will not make scandals if you find someone on the side.

To win the American’s attention, you need to be natural, athletic, feminine and with a sense of humor. Don’t push him away with too clever talk about politics, philosophy, etc. Talk about sports, humor, TV shows and funny experiences. And you don’t need to wear too revealing outfits, he will not understand you so well.

England is a shy humorist
Oh, how many feelings he has inside. But this English gentleman will keep the whole hurricane inside him to the last. He’ll only talk to you in the pub after a good beer. That’s when he starts joking uncontrollably to get your attention. Do not be afraid to leave your phone to him, if an Englishman decides to contact you, he will write an SMS, a call is too rude interference in your life. He’s scared to death to hear no. But sms-flirting is what he likes.

If you have already managed to bring it to intimacy – get ready. This man loves to experiment, talk and even swear dirty. And according to research, people in the UK prefer sex while standing. Even more often – sex while standing and without obligation.

He will like an eccentric young lady who can emphasize her uniqueness with clothes and accessories. Don’t be afraid to wear a bright skirt or show off your tattoos. But be careful – he will perceive the kiss as a direct allusion to sex.

Spain – an immodest macho.
Defiant looks, immodest compliments, flirting anywhere. This macho man radiates sex directly. But don’t take this Spaniard’s behavior personally. He is used to not hiding his admiration for curvaceous forms, chic outfits, bright appearance, sparkling eyes and a radiant smile. Don’t give in right away, he loves impregnable fortresses. He’s a bullfighter, isn’t he? Flirting for him is an expressive business, he will show his interest with his whole body. And touch is just part of the ritual of conquering the sweet peak.

The Spaniard likes the most ordinary sex without role-playing games, toys, experiments – this is low for a macho like him. 70% of Spanish women rate the sexual abilities of their compatriots as excellent, think about it. 

Greece is a divine miracle

The Greeks hunt their beautiful prey day and night: blonde tourists. And this hunt is a game. Greeks love to show off their catch on the love front. Extraordinary compliments, puns, all kinds of tricks – this is in the arsenal of the Greek. But, to the great disappointment, for the Greek it will remain a game. They will remain faithful to the Greek women to the last. What to do, this is how their mothers raised them.

164 times a year – that is how many times a year the Greeks give themselves up to love, so that you understand, this is a world record. And take up to six positions (!) During sex. Romantic and obscene Greeks love long sex, they prefer to fully experience divine pleasure. Do not forget, if you came to the club with him, you have no right to sit down with someone else.

Depraved Danes, timid Swedes and other snow beauties

Silence, timid “hello” and expectation – this is how a Swede will behave. Well, it’s not customary for them to dump all their sexual energy on a woman. You yourself must show interest in him. He will delay sex to the last. In bed it will be quite dexterous. The Danes will be frank, it is easy to make fun of him and take him to his paradise of flirting and temptation. He loves sex and will never deny you entertainment. The Norwegians will rub themselves into trust for a very long time. Do not expect flowers and thousands of compliments from him. The Norwegian is accustomed to compatriots – strict and self-sufficient, your ardor can scare him, and a moderate approach will only warm him up before the most important. After all, scientists say that 72% of Norwegians dream of having sex with a foreign woman.

Have you already decided? Or do you still prefer your own, dear, so awkward in expressions, not strong in compliments, but a sweet compatriot?

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