What foods contribute to orgasm?

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What foods contribute to orgasm?

Oddly enough, but what we eat affects our sex life, affecting the hormonal state of our body, energy level and level of resistance to stress. There are special types of products that promote orgasm.


This is a real source of such a chemical element as boron, which contributes to the metabolism process, as well as the expenditure of the estrogen hormone by the body. Some studies also show that boron causes an increase in testosterone in the blood, which in turn is responsible for sexual desire and orgasm in both men and women.

Vegetable oils.

Vegetable fats, the source of which are various vegetables, seeds and nuts, contain vegetable fatty acids from which our body produces cholesterol – the basis of all sex hormones. A lack of cholesterol in the body harms sexual activity and leads to a loss of sexual interest and desire. When buying vegetable and nut oils, pay attention to the label. Cold-pressed oils contain more nutrients than heat-treated oils, as well as vitamin E, which is necessary to maintain hormonal balance. 

Oat flakes.

With their help, you can increase the content of the hormone testosterone in the blood. In order to increase your libido, you need to eat a bowl of oatmeal and drink 3 cups of oatmeal broth several times a week. The broth is prepared as follows. Fill a third vessel with a capacity of 1 liter with oat stalks, fill with boiling water, close the lid tightly, let it brew for at least 4 hours, then decant the liquid and refrigerate. You can drink a decoction both in cold and in warm form.


They are considered a classic aphrodisiac. In fact, all seafood is saturated with minerals, an essential component of sex hormones. In addition, minerals from seafood are better absorbed by our body, as they are contained in the form of salts.


Among seafood, algae stand out for its high iodine content, which promotes thyroid function responsible for female libido. True, in order to feel a positive result, you need to regularly use algae for food for a month.


It contains methylxanthines, which stimulate the transmission of nerve impulses, and also create a feeling of satisfaction and increase mood.

The eggs.

They contain a huge amount of B vitamins, especially B6 and B5, which help to balance the hormonal level and maintain energy. Other sources of vitamin B6 include spinach, brewer’s yeast, carrots, pears, sunflower seeds, fish, potatoes, milk, and fresh vegetables.

Red meat, dark poultry, brown rice, grain bread, green vegetables.

These foods are good sources of zinc, which, in turn, helps reduce the body’s hormone prolactin. Excessive prolactin leads to sexual dysfunctions.

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