What is a quick? Part one

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What is a quick? Part one

Summer has come. The trees are dressed in green dresses, the ground is covered with a thick green carpet, birds are singing in gardens and parks. Everything around is full of life and desire. In the summer I want to live with incredible strength. And to love. And to be loved.

Feelings generated by the rays of the hot sun force a person to do things that he would hardly have decided in the February cold. And there is nothing unnatural in this. What is the difference between mentally abnormal people and us, mentally normal and adequate? The only thing is that their (abnormal people) mental exacerbations are more noticeable, and, as they say, more “striking” than ours. Although there are, of course, options due to the fact that the line between normality and abnormality is too illusory, too thin and transparent … But, let’s not talk about sad things. Let’s be nice. About what every woman thought at least once in her life, and that some representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have practiced.  

So, today’s article on connections. Not family, not related. About random connections. About random sex with random people. About what, with pleasure and tenderness, heavily implicated in the desire of the forbidden, women’s magazines write, they speak from blue screens and their friends brag about it. Why am I focusing on the female half of the audience? Yes, because a man, as you know, is always ready. And the point is not in the notorious polygamy or in some kind of “dogma”. Not at all. It’s just that everything is clear for a man, and to explain something about casual relationships to a man is to throw notorious beads. On the issue of random sex, every man who has crossed the threshold of adulthood, beyond which the limitless flight of sexual fantasy is replaced by at least some kind of action (albeit without the participation of a woman), is if not a doctor of sciences, then a candidate for a doctor – for sure. By the way! At the doctors, I would like to dwell in more detail. So…   

From the point of view of doctors
From the point of view of people in white coats and with phonendoscopes on their chests, any feeling is just a chemical reaction. Let it be amazing in its properties, albeit amazing in its very effect on the human brain, but a reaction. Chemical. And quite understandable. A mini-explosion occurs in the brain, followed by the release of hormones like testosterone into the blood. The concentration of dopamine (the so-called “pleasure hormone”) rises sharply, and things happen that a person would not have done if all these chemicals were in solid flasks and in their places. From this point of view, it would be very interesting to clarify – why hormones so dangerous for female virtue leave those very “their places” …      

Why do they boil?

The concentration of dopamine in the blood is seriously affected by the infusion of alcoholic beverages into this blood and the use of narcotic substances that “untie” bags with gins that would be better to sit in the dark corners of your brain for the rest of your life. And then excuses sound in style – “on a drunken head” or “I did not know what I was doing.” Another serious lever of influence on the actions of women, leading ultimately to bed with a stranger in it, is stress. A small digression into the history of mankind is needed here.  

In the process of evolution (we are all created by God, but we do not deny the evolution of humanity, which led to the creation of mobile phones, an atomic bomb and TV shows like “Sex and the City”), female creatures have always been very reverent and serious about choosing sexual partners. After all, the sexual partner is, as conceived by the Creator and nature, not a partner for two minutes. After all, a man who penetrates the holy of holies of every woman (hmm …) is a potential father of her offspring. What time! What do you think? That’s why a normal woman (emphasis on the word is normal), in principle, cannot be a follower of the motto of the Soviet pioneers “Always ready”. Does not work. The nature did not foresee such things as “animal sex”, “sex in the elevator with a stranger” and all kinds of quiks …  

What it is?

Quick. Newfangled fiction of residents of countries of a social paradise, infuriated from an oversupply of money and free time, like Norway or Holland. Translated from English means “fast.” Quick sex. Ideally , sex with a complete stranger. Like a conductor in an empty evening trolley. The more unusual the place , the better. Moreover, the stress and eccentricity of the situation for such a manifestation of animal lust does not play any role. Here I want to return to the feminine features of the selection of the applicant for the role of sexual partner.   

The fact is that during stress, it turns out, our standards of attractiveness of a partner of the opposite sex are greatly reduced! And a woman can surrender to the quasimodo conductor in an empty trolley, although she would never come close to him in a normal, civilized environment. Such a fashionable hobby … 

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