Why is it missing, does not call, does not write? Manual for girls

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Why is it missing, does not call, does not write? Manual for girls

“Everything was fine, I met him several times, then he just disappeared, doesn’t ring … Why?”

Familiar situation? Girls often ask such questions, they need answers. I have them. But be prepared that my answers will not please you very much, because I will write a cruel masculine truth, but do you really need it? Well, if you are ready, read on.  

So, we will analyze the reasons. Here it should only be noted that it is impossible to take into account all the situations that lead to the “loss” of a young man. But the main and frequently encountered causes of the mysterious disappearance, I think, will tell. 

1. He got what he wanted

Often young people need only sex and nothing more. Is this news? If he received it, then thanks, nothing else is needed. Of course, it’s strange: there was sex, but maybe more? There is a male truth unpleasant for women: “Every girl is worthy of sex, but not every twice.”  

But what about love? He said he liked him, beautiful, sexy. Everything is correct, without the words of love and the creation of romance, the young man would not have reached the goal, actually sex itself . The girl just needs to increase her importance, compliments, words of love, flowers, and then, maybe, sex. He needed just the opposite. The man received what he wanted, perhaps hoping for great passion, sexual activity and emancipation, but the expectations were not fully met.   

So is it worth the second time to organize courtship, romance, listen to a lot of unnecessary information, spend time and money to get the same thing? He went looking elsewhere. What did you want?  

2. It is simply more expensive than you

In life, we all have a price, including in personal relationships. There is such a market – personal relations, which is sometimes called the market for marriage. Any girl or young man in this market is somehow appreciated. Think about it when they say: “You are my dear,” what is this about? Either it costs me a lot, maybe your appearance and personal qualities are of high value. At a minimum, an assessment is given, moreover, in economic terms.  

Suppose there is a girl who has qualities and virtues, relatively speaking, at the top ten. This includes the ability to communicate, make money, be independent and other valuable qualities. Any person wants to be perceived as positively as possible, that is, they note everything positive and, if possible, do not notice the flaws. Therefore, any girl (young man) is trying to demonstrate their virtues. 

And here the fun begins. A girl, of course, can find herself a young man whom she can control. He should have fewer qualities and merits, about a six , approximately , that is, knowledge and skills, valuable personal qualities, opportunities to earn money , etc., objectively less. In this case, he is obliged to pay her extra. Than?     

What is the universal equivalent of retribution in a couple? 

This is right

If she’s on the “ten”, and he is cheaper on the “six”, then he must pay extra for the lack of rights and the presence of obligations. She does not have to call him, but he must call first. She has the right to be late – he must wait for her because he is interested. Less right is the one who asks because he needs; accordingly, she has more rights to lead him. On the other hand, the young lady is pleased to manage this young man, but she wants a guy for fifteen. And then the girl begins to understand that the one who is “fifteen” is more expensive than her: he is smarter, more beautiful, more talented. By the way, she is at “10”, and there are still girls at “11”, at “12” , etc. It turns out, she just stands in line. The standard situation – the one she wants does not pay attention to her : the girl is very “cheap” for him. And whoever she doesn’t need, that pestering her.             

Life situation? Nothing new has been invented, it is.

So, if you talked with a man very dear to you, then he understands this, so he has no obligation to call first, write SMS, continue courting. Now you have such a duty. Unless, of course, there is interest.

3. Does not want

Why doesn’t the camel eat cotton? He doesn’t want to. So is the man. This surprises many women, but in addition to sex, young people have another thing to do. They may be passionate about, for example, their business, friends, sports, hobbies, an interesting new project. If you are not more relevant than all of the above at the moment, then do you have to wonder why it does not call, does not write, is gone. The answer is busy, cannot, or rather, simply does not want to.   

4. Does not see the result of his courtship

Guys love the beautiful and the inaccessible: Many girls think so and create a “don’t fit – kill” mask on your face . Well, young people do not “fit in”, but she, in fact, wants attention, communication. And how will he understand if she, with all her appearance and behavior, makes it clear – “closed”?   

Of course, young people can remember that “the courage of the city takes” and courageously rush at the outward indifference and coldness of the girl, but why do the guys need this, because there are a lot of open and friendly people. It happens that sports interest is triggered, I can or not. But for communicating with such a young lady you have to pay, as for everything in this world, for example, time, spiritual efforts , etc. And the result is far from obvious.  

The girls are left alone and ask themselves: why? Yes, because no matter how attractive you are, if it says “inaccessible” on your face, for young people this means access is denied in advance. If the door is closed – do not break, look stubbornly for the door open. That does not break. And she was already dreaming, the guy showed interest, but, faced with visible impregnability, he disappeared.   

Girls win, maybe not the most attractive appearance, but friendly and sociable. It seems, at first glance, she is “nothing”, but the guys are constantly spinning around her, taking to their company, caring. And then the other girls are envious, but continue to carry on the forehead a sign “do not fit in – will kill”. Maybe it’s time to change the sign? 

5. Men say so: she “loads”. But he didn’t engage in “movers” 

Each person has his own fairy tale, what love and loving relationships should be . For example, all little girls know that the most beautiful event in life is a wedding. They look at the happy bride, they understand, here she is – love. And the best doll in the same beautiful dress. This is how fairy tales of love are created.    

For girls , in general terms, beautiful love can look like this: he is courageous, confident, strong, in personal communication – affectionate and tender, not like everyone else, knows how to take care of him beautifully, is reliable, warm and interesting with him. He is successful in business, with a good sense of humor, and is only interested in her, and he is just sick of the other girls. 

For men it’s easier : she is sexy and accessible to him, and love and relationships can be later, well, or in the process, the main thing is that the young lady does not overload with tears, pretensions, moods, snotty romance. So the most urgent expectation of men is that a woman should not “load”: before sex, after sex, instead of sex. Most women do not meet the male fairy tale and expectations. And rightly so, they have their own needs, young people are ready to put up with this, but when there is no sex or it is bad and the young lady is very “heavy”, the man simply disappears.   

These are several main reasons and they are not the ultimate truth. However, if you do not argue with the above, but think about it – in my life how? – then you can draw a lot of useful conclusions for yourself.  

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