What is a “manager syndrome” and how to deal with it?

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What is a “manager syndrome” and how to deal with it?

Recently I met by chance with a childhood friend. So many years have not seen! I heard Sveta successfully married a “cool” businessman for the second time , left her job. She was always a bright, interesting woman, and although the first marriage did not work out, after the divorce she was not left without male attention. It is clear that many envied her. Only now, when I met her, she was not at all like a happy woman. The look is extinct, dressed expensively, but carelessly. And although I was not in the mood for a long conversation that day, she persuaded me to stop by the cafe. There she told her story. 

Sveta from a family with modest income. And the first time after the second marriage was “in the seventh heaven” with happiness. She began to equip the house, took up her wardrobe. In short, I enjoyed the fact that you could not save and buy everything you want. The husband did not limit the means. True, it upset that they did not succeed in their honeymoon. Two days after the wedding, he went about his business to a neighboring country. Then he returned for a week … and drove off to another. According to her, a tired man came home, was constantly busy with some kind of negotiations.

Something didn’t work out with their sex life … Waiting, waiting for her husband, and he will come barely alive, then some things interfere, then … In short, different thoughts got into my head. At first she tried to talk with her husband in a good way. No, he says, I have nobody: “I love you. Here is my home, my rear. ” But such conversations did not change the sexual schedule. Then she began to roll up hysteria, promised to have a lover. It didn’t help much either. Sexual life has not improved. She understood only one thing – his work and business completely took her beloved from her. He has no strength left for his wife. “A workaholic is unhappy! He has one thing on his mind, it’s not clear why he married me, ” she sighed woefully.  

I would venture to suggest that Svetkin’s guilt of misfortune is “manager’s syndrome.” According to experts, this “syndrome” is now quite widespread. And representatives of various professions, and not just managers, suffer from it, although this expression came to us from the West along with the word “manager”. Moreover, it can be obtained without having a job at all, but only by looking for it. And it means a state where, due to stress and fatigue, a person’s sexual desire disappears. What is especially regrettable, mostly “men in the prime of life” (30–50 years old) suffer from the “manager syndrome”. Although, as sexologists assure, the “business” representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are also faced with this.  

If a person is constantly tired, thinks only of work, cannot be distracted from problems – the manager’s syndrome is considered to be provided for him. He has no strength or desire for sex. His head is constantly busy with problems, where can one think about sex. And as sexologists assure, problems with sex do not begin anywhere, but in the head! In a state of stress, a person, as it were, closes in himself and refuses what he can refuse. As you understand, we cannot breathe and eat. Well, it’s quite possible to do without sex …  

Experts warn that the “manager’s syndrome” can turn into serious potency problems over time. At first, this is simply an erection disorder. After a long abstinence, the discharge occurs very quickly, then too slowly, or even does not occur at all. Well, if you do not have sex for six months, then your body will simply go into “standby mode”. Then try to get it out of this mode! 

What is the way out? Learn to switch. At work, do not think about domestic problems, at home – about work. And workaholics should force themselves to fully and regularly rest. “Manager’s syndrome” is a disease, not a whim , experts say. And if such a syndrome has already manifested in your family, you should not, like Svetlana, immediately suspect the other half of treason (what kind of traitor is he now?) You should not be offended and immediately try to go to the side. The initiative in sex should be taken by the one of the spouses, to whom this misfortune has not yet reached.   

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