Why do girls become prostitutes? Neanderthal males and grilled lizard

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Why do girls become prostitutes? Neanderthal males and grilled lizard

“No money left?! Suck yourself! ”
(The slogan of prostitutes on strike against the global economic crisis in the movie“ Adrenaline 2. High Voltage ”)

I asked her while she climbed into the salon: – Well, and how? She threw back her bangs, white as the first snow: – Wow! And I fucked up! – she answered and exhausted leaned back in the back seat. Peroxide-bleached hair again fell from the forehead onto the graceful strings of eyebrows. I reached for a thin cigarette. – Liked? – bowed, I head to the side.


She blew a narrow, but dense and tart stream of tobacco smoke. Together with him flew into the cabin and the words of her answer:

 “And I almost always like it.” – Was there a massage? – I worried about the most important thing, why did we come here. – But what about! I massage everything to him! “It doesn’t matter what you massage the client, ” I raised my index finger. – The main thing is that he be satisfied and appeal again. And not one!

That burly girl that I taught the simplest marketing lesson has now collapsed in the back seat of a car. About such girls they say “blood with milk.” Wide cheekbones, strong arms, long massive legs in fishnet stockings and a miniskirt. “The horse will stop racing. Will enter the burning hut. ” I took it from a two-hour massage session from the hotel, to which I myself had brought. Her client was a little swarthy little man in these hours. Either a Vietnamese, or a Chinese, or from Malaysia. Now she smoked in the car. I noted to myself one of the rarest reasons why girls go to prostitutes.    

Some panel girls just like to sleep with men

Moreover, to receive money for this attractive occupation for them!

In the 90s of the last century, I was a student. Only after school did the “chick” fall into adulthood, and on you – the dashing 90s! The state then taught students, gave free travel on all types of vehicles, and even paid a small stipend, which was barely enough for beer. Therefore, who worked as best he could, was looking for ways to replenish the student meager budget. In the afternoon I studied, and in the evening a different life began. Shabby Suzuki with the driver. Favorite then right wheel. Many of these skated around Moscow. They were considered “cool” cars. 

I worked for the so-called massage parlor. To put it mildly … But – here: I worked as a kind of matchmaker-guard. Then in Moscow was full of foreigners. I had a good command of English and was normally oversized. Foreigners have always wanted girls. They called, ordered, questioned about the appearance of the lovers, the cost of services and other things. So I agreed, brought the girls to the addresses. Checked, as far as possible, whether one client in an apartment or in the next room is still a lot of people hiding.    

I looked at the balconies, sometimes even under the beds. Talked to a client. In general, he drove the girls to massage sessions, so to speak. I had a driver Petya in my crew (this is his right-hand drive “Suzuki”). This is my mediation of providing massage services to foreign bodies, so to speak, according to the results in the banknotes, could not be compared with the scholarship! In addition , I studied at the Faculty of History and had the opportunity to talk with the “night butterflies” from a historical point of view, to put it mildly.  

I had the opportunity to discern the causes of such a shameful phenomenon, as body trade, through the prism of time. Up to the depths of centuries and Neanderthals. I was not a pimp, as I drove the girls to massage foreign bodies. But in order to bring the body of a foreigner to the body of a masseuse, translation, delivery-picking and security services were required. This service was also provided by our massage parlor. In addition , in the office (an ordinary rented apartment) the secretary had a real service – a present from one client to our beauty. And we drove tea and coffee out of this service. So, we owned the service and even the service and felt quite well in those distant years of hard times. And now let’s get back to looking at the trade in bodies from a historical point of view, especially since the author graduated from a historical university a hundred steps from Red Square.  

So, the first and oldest profession. Let us look there, in the archaic of the Paleolithic (Stone Age), the reasons for the girls to leave for the panel and we will designate one more

Reluctance to be content with little, that is, the amount of food (clothes, jewelry, entertainment) that is available to her without body trade

Here sits a group of Neanderthal comrades in a cave around a fire. Men have just returned from hunting, packed game, animals, possibly other Neanderthals from a hostile tribe. Fried meat over a fire. But the most plump and weakest of the tribe, who was standing with two fried legs of a pangolin while squandering with a nose, squishes its nose . The legs are crispy, with a crust. And not far away the girl looks with hungry eyes. Not on the shabby tribesman, but on the legs of the lizard in his hands … 

That fellow countryman noticed this interest and beckoned the maid with a hairy finger. Virgo was gluttonous. She quickly concealed her small share, which relied on the meat “common fund”. She would then fall asleep on her skin. So no! Little to her! I also want to eat, although she already has her portion of yum-yum. Where to get it? That woman can not be content with little! 

And the Neanderthal knows that she has those charms that the Neanderthal males are greedy for. One of them – the puffy one – sits opposite and eats up the squinting legs of a pangolin! It attracts to itself. The virgin moved closer to the male. She pointed to the legs of the lizard, then to the child-bearing organ of the Neanderthal, then she nodded at her charms. Let’s go aside. So they left: the leg of the lizard with a crust of moderate fried, Neanderthal and Neanderthal. So, through natural exchange, the foundations of prostitution were laid.  

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